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Services provided

You can expect our service to be tailored to meet your personal needs. We develop customised cleanroom clothing and air lock concepts for you, and offer individual client training sessions on-site at your business. As well as client specific laundry programmes, our experts also take care of the whole services package covering logistics, storage and stocking as well as textile care, decontamination, sterilisation, quality control and also professional repair.

With Initial's rental services, you save acquisition costs as well as investments in logistics structures for transportation and storage. Converting your fixed costs into transparent, variable rental costs means you can use capital for strengthening your core business. A service that pays off for any company, whatever the size.

As the market and technology leader for cleanroom services in Europe, we are able to provide a quality promise which many clients trust and rely on today.

Put us to the test - we'll happily accept the challenge!


We deliver decontaminated and, if required, sterilised cleanroom clothing to the agreed location, on-time and in a pristine, clean and tested condition. Find out more here. »

Initial's full-service approach includes the needs-based basic equipment, pickup/delivery, decontamination and treatment, as well as sterilisation and care of cleanroom clothing. Find out more here. »

Maximum cleanliness is a fundamental requirement. Very strict regulations place specific requirements on the decontamination processes. Find out more here. »

Compliance with the highest quality standards is very important, particularly in the case of cleanrooms. Find out more here. »

A smart fail-safety concept delivered through several independent production plants guarantees supply to you on a permanent basis. Find out more here. »

Using our "Gold Standard" we guarantee the highest standards in all five of our European cleanroom plants. Find out more here. »