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Initial Cleanrooms: Unsere Reinraumservices

Fail-safe supply

Ausfallsichere Belieferung

As the market and technology leader we offer our services throughout most of Europe. With several independent production plants in Europe we are able to guarantee the highest level of service and supply security.

And with the help of our smart fail-safety system, we make sure that you always receive uninterrupted service without shortages.

In order to guarantee universal service and quality standards across all countries, we have developed the Europe-wide Gold Standard for processes and service as well as a standardised inventory control system.

Benefits to you at a glance

  • Continued and reliable supply by several independent production plants
  • A universal quality standard for Europe
  • Secure and transparent decontamination process
  • Validated processes
  • Detailed monitoring system for washing and drying processes
  • Online client portal


Play it safe with us!