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Service cycle

Die Serviceprozesse von Initial Cleanrooms im Überblick

The Initial Cleanrooms full-service approach comprises needs-based basic equipment,
used cleanroom textiles pickup at agreed intervals, thorough textile care and decontamination,
and on-time delivery in pristine, tested condition.

Each individual step is set out and documented in our European Gold Standard for service and processing. In this way we ensure compliance with the highest quality requirements in every country.

Our service cycle is well proven. You can be certain that your staff will always have reliably decontaminated cleanroom textiles at their disposal and ready to use.



Your cleanroom garments are collected after use in collecting bins. At a time agreed with you, our service driver will pickup the used cleanroom garments or mops.

Decontamination and treatment

Cleanroom textiles and supplies are meticulously checked for damage and, if necessary, exchanged. This is followed by wet and dry decontamination, in accordance with a client specific laundry programme, and the testing for residual particles. Textiles are folded in cleanrooms with ISO categories 5,6 and 7. Finally, every item is packed in contamination proof, airtight packaging, sterilised if required, and prepared for delivery.


Our trained cleanroom service drivers deliver the textiles. By request, this can be done in a localised manner directly to the place of use within your company. Each garment is packed in such a way that all key information, e.g. employee name, is clearly visible. Also provided: delivery note and, if needed, sterilisation records.


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