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Our cleanroom clothing

We offer you textile solutions for rental, according to your personal requirements. Always customised to your individual requirements and part of a superior, total solution. We implement your solution and stay with you every step of the way throughout the entire life cycle: starting with the initial fitting and continuing with the pickup of worn garments and contamination controls (according to the strictest European standards, naturally), through to the reliable decontamination, textile care, and sterilisation at our own facilities.

We offer you a range of different cleanroom textiles along with suitable supplies, which fulfil the most stringent demands in terms of technical and functional product characteristics as well as wear comfort.

Each item is fitted with a barcode and/or RFID chip. This guarantees that each individual item can be clearly matched and traced.

Cleanroom clothing by Initial Cleanrooms

Market innovation: The first one-piece cleanroom overall with integrated hood and replaceable visor. Developed over many years in field trials, CleanVision offers maximum protection from contamination and has the notable benefit that it is much quicker to put on. 
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Cleanroom Overgarments

We offer cleanroom overgarments with different designs, colours and technical features for all sectors, regardless of whether it's overalls, gowns, hoods, boots, jackets or trousers. In addition to this, cleanroom textiles are available for the ESD area, for water-repellent or thermostable clothing.

Cleanroom intermediate clothing

Besides the right overgarments, intermediate clothing is also very important when working in the cleanroom. This acts as a barrier to particles in the under clothing, preventing the uncontrolled escape of large quantities of particles into the cleanroom. It acts as a heat-insulator, as a barrier against moisture and improves the wear comfort.

Cleanroom supplies

Our high quality cleanroom supplies include face masks, gloves, overshoes and boots, hair nets, head gear, beard covers, protective glasses, protective sleeves, aprons, cloths, tacky mats and much more. We supply these sterilised upon request - either individually or packed in a set.