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An eye on innovation

The new one-piece CleanVision cleanroom suit with integrated hood and replaceable visor, was specifically designed for use in sterile areas. CleanVision sets new standards in product protection and particle retention. CleanVision simultaneously optimises both your clothing management and time management. You thus achieve an even more optimal and efficient solution for your cleanroom concept.

Safer − minimise risk of contamination

"In contrast to conventional solutions, the CleanVision cleanroom suit - comprising integrated hood and visor - offers a virtually closed system, as a result of which the risk of cleanroom contamination is significantly reduced. The continuous zip on the inside of the legs also allows the wearer to stay standing when putting on and removing the suit. This reduces the number of contact points with the exterior for even more safety.

Faster - easier changing process

Due to the intelligent zip placement, the integrated hood and the pre-installed visor, your staff will save more than two minutes when changing (tested in comparison with conventional cleanroom suits). CleanVision makes it possible.

Newer - well designed comfort and technology

The first to market: As well as the significantly swifter changing process and minimised contamination risk, CleanVision also impresses with its high level of comfort for day-to-day cleanroom work. Thanks to special spacers, even goggles can be worn without a problem. The integrated visor means that traditional cleanroom glasses are no longer necessary.

CleanVision field test: Changing is safe and faster than ever. We deliver the evidence.


CleanVision Data Sheet

For further information please download our CleanVision product sheet giving you a more detailled look into the new one-piece cleanroom suit.

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