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About Initial Cleanrooms

Initial Cleanrooms is the market and technology leader for cleanroom textile rental solutions throughout Europe, with over 30 years experience in the decontamination and sterilisation of cleanroom clothing.


As a full service provider we offer you individually tailored cleanroom clothing concepts with a validated service comprising professional care and decontamination of clothing in cleanrooms with ISO categories 5,6, and 7, as well as the associated in-house logistics. In addition to this, the supply of high quality cleanroom supplies and cleaning systems is part of the comprehensive full-service concept.

The highest standards of contamination control and supply security provided by several independent production plants are just as important for us as the extensive monitoring measures with complete process documentation.

  • Over 30 years industry experience in cleanroom applications.
  • Full-service provider
  • All-inclusive cleanroom textile rental services a fixed price
  • More than 850 satisfied clients
  • Highest possible levels of quality assurance.
  • Several internal and independent production plants in Europe (fail-safety concept)
  • Standardised European quality process compliant with GMP guidelines.
  • Reliable in-house logistics.
  • Tracking of all products using barcodes and RFID chips.

We are Initial Cleanrooms.


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