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Our cleanroom textile service

Cleanroom clothing - fully customised

Massgeschneiderte Reinraumbekleidung

You will never receive a generic solution from us. We deliver precisely the right solution for you. We prepare cleanroom clothing concepts specifically tailored to your requirements for all areas of application including pickup and delivery service, implementation, contamination control, client specific decontamination, textile-care, sterilisation, etc.

We deliver your cleanroom clothing and relevant accessories just-in-time to your desired location, including your cleanroom locker room. Our service cycle is well proven and ensures that your staff will always have reliably decontaminated cleanroom textiles (with optional sterilisation) available at all times. In addition to this we can supply you with high quality cleanroom supplies and also offer cleanroom system solutions such as cleanroom cleaning trolleys and mops.

Clothing concepts

Regardless of the size of your company or the industry in which you operate, we can offer you a clothing concept which is right for you.

Cleanroom clothing rental


With the full worry-free package you can be assured - at an attractive fixed monthly price - of all services covering logistics, storage and stocking, as well as decontamination, textile care, quality control and repair. The all-inclusive rental services provide your company with enormous gains in terms of time as well as the guarantee of quality.

Time savings are made in the area of replacement and exchange activities, administrative work, internal quality assurance and through the documentation service. We take this on for you. In addition to this, storage, staff and administration don't apply. No capital is tied up. This means capital used in this area can be invested in strengthening your own key areas of competency.

Purchasing clothing and garment care.

Would you prefer to buy your cleanroom textiles? No problem. Benefit from our many years of experience in selecting the right clothing concept.

Laundry order


We will gladly also just take on the professional care of your cleanroom clothing. Throughout the validated laundry and treatment process we can guarantee a consistently high quality of washing.

Our cleanroom service includes:

  • Tailored and client-oriented clothing concepts.
  • Cost effective leasing service incl. logistics chain up to locker service.
  • Professional care and decontamination of cleanroom textiles.
  • Quality control and quality management.
  • Validated processes
  • Detailed monitoring system for washing and drying processes.
  • Supply security provided by several independent production plants.


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