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First Aid & Defibrillation

Employers are expected to provide a duty of care to their workforce and protocols must be in place to ensure a comprehensive first aid plan.

At a basic level, every Australian employee should have access to first aid should they fall ill or an accident take place in the workplace. It is a regulation for businesses operating in Australia that first aid kits are available, well stocked and easily accessible to employees.

First Aid recommendation guidelines: High risk industries are required to have 1 first aid kit for every 25 people. Some examples of high risk industries are:

  • Workplaces where workers are exposed to hazards
  • Construction
  • Warehouse
  • Manufacturing
  • Laboratories

Industries who don’t fall into the above categories are required to have 1 first aid kit for every 50 people


How are we different?

Initial offers a range of first aid kits that can be tailored specific to the varying needs of our customers. We take the onus off the business owner to ensure that first aid kits are replenished, in date and maintained. Initial will manage the inventory, audit expiration dates and ensure that all components of the First Aid Kit(s) on premise are always compliant with Health & Safety regulations.

Agility of our service

The size and reach of our service operation allows us to offer a tailored service offering to each customer. Some customers will require one first aid kit or defibrillator on site because of company size, whereas our larger customers that perhaps engage in more hazardous industries may require multiple first aid kits offering more specific first aid components.

How are our products different?

We offer standard and modular first aid kits that can be customised depending on the nature of the business or risks associated with specific labour related workload - customised first aid kits containing burn packs may be required in a catering environment, whereas snakebite kits may be more appropriate for those operating businesses where there labour force work in high risk outdoor environments.

Who we service

We support customers across Australia. We have a 470+ strong team of Initial service technicians located throughout the country that allows us to tailor frequency of replenishment visits to your individual needs. Because our first aid kits are modular, we are capable of servicing the first aid requirements of customers across the widest range of industries

For an obligation free review of your current first aid protocols and for an introduction to the Initial service, contact us today.



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