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Setting the gold standards in hygiene through Initial Hygiene 360°

Protecting people. Enhancing lives

A 360° approach to hygiene best practice

Initial Hygiene employs a fully holistic approach to implementing a best-in-class hygiene solution for your business – providing important protection for staff and customers against the transmission of bacteria and infectious diseases.


Improved indoor air quality is a crucial aspect in improving health and wellbeing and is one of the main core pillars for best practices in hygiene. Poor indoor air quality has proven to negatively impact our health and mental acuity because of dirty, toxic, and infectious air.


Another key consideration in our 360° approach to best practices in hygiene is effective hand hygiene. Hand hygiene is crucial in the prevention of infections and the transmission of antimicrobial resistance. That causes sickness and spreads diseases through transmission and contamination.


The third most important core pillar of our hygiene 360° approach to best practices in hygiene is surface hygiene. Surfaces that are directly touched by the hands, can be a source of transmission to staff and customers. Break the workplace sickness cycle today with a strong protocol for surface hygiene and a regular disinfection approach.


Good hygiene in the washroom is non-negotiable. An unhygienic washroom creates the perception of an unhygienic environment for your business and increases the risk of poor health for employees. Protect the integrity of your brand and give staff, guests, and customers reassurance that your indoor environment and your washroom are hygienically safe.

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Setting the gold standards in hygiene with Initial Hygiene 360°

Improve safety and productivity in the workplace with a 360° approach to hygiene. Initial Hygiene works with you to help solve all your hygiene challenges. As a trusted partner and a world leader in hygiene, Initial is committed to delivering best-in-class product services and solutions to help improve your indoor environment.

Our product, services and solutions are tested and proven to work to keep you safer indoors. We help businesses break the indoor sickness cycle, boost productivity and build staff confidence by improving hygiene practices in the workplace. Our end-to-end air, hand, surface, and washroom hygiene solutions are proven to keep the workplace hygienically safe and protected.   

Initial has been protecting people and enhancing lives for over 100 years. Initial is your trusted partner in hygiene.

For more information on how Initial Hygiene can help you create a safer, hygienic indoors, call us today.

Our experts can complete a Hygiene Audit at your premises and evaluate your current risk across air, surface, hand and washroom hygiene protocols to make assessments to help you create a safer indoor environment.


Since purchasing VIRUSKILLER my staff at Oasis and customers have felt safe and more at ease. The unit gives my staff and customers peace of mind. You can feel the unit working to protect us while we work and shop. Since having VIRUSKILLER installed, I have significantly reduced sick leave, where no one has been sick with any viruses. So, we are delighted that we decided to go with Initial’s VIRUSKILLER unit to help keep us safe from any nasties.

Jody, Sensory Oasis for Kids

We are very happy with the VIRUSKILLER units. We have placed the larger VIRUSKILLER unit in reception, and the smaller unit in the resident’s rooms. We recently had two COVID cases, however, we managed to control this outbreak thanks to VIRUSKILLER. We were quick in identifying the infected residents and we installed the units in their rooms. This early intervention made staff and resident feel safer. We are very happy and relieved that the infection only spread to two residents out of our 100 residents. Thank you Initial for a great VIRUSKILLER unit.

Milly K, Victoria, Brotherhood of St Laurence