2015 Archived News

Read the 2015 archived news from Initial Hygiene related stories from across Australia.

Smell, the most powerful of the senses

Since ancient times, humans have associated foul smells with disease and poisons across large parts of Europe, India and China

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40% of shoppers worry about cubicle hygiene!

Customer Attitudes and Behaviours Impact Shopping Centres

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Bathroom Design for Germaphobes

Many of us fear and avoid public bathrooms due to the germ factor.

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Stop the Journey of Germs

Flushing a toilet gives rise to a cloud of tiny water droplets, which potentially contain micro-organisms associated with urine and faecal matter. We call this “The Sneeze Effect”.

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A call to businesses Let's be blunt around sharps

Sharps: a word full of connotations, none of which represent their importance in keeping over 1.6 million Australians safe from health complications

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