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The Power of Scenting

With consumers demanding more and more from brands, multi-sensory marketing represents a powerful opportunity to create long lasting and profitable customer relationships.

Research demonstrates that if you trigger a response from two of your customer's senses, such as combining sound and visual, or texture and taste, a customer's experience is enhanced and brand engagement is multiplied.

Smell is the most powerful of our five senses. Memories recalled by smell are significantly more emotional and evocative than those recalled by sight or sound.

With Premium Scenting you can build on these scent memories, elevating your brand through experiential marketing.

The Business Impact of Scenting

Multi-sensory marketing enhances the customer experience, strengthens brand loyalty and is a key driver of revenue.

  • It enhances mood by creating a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Service is rated more favourably in scented environments.
  • It increases dwell time and boosts intention to purchase.
  • It encourages repeat visits.
  • It generates incremental revenue and boosts spend per customer.

For more information, visit The Business Impact of Scenting to download the report.

Scenting your business

The power of scent and experiential marketing has been unleashed by many brand owners spanning a variety of business sectors. What about you?



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