Are you prepared for the COVID-19 vaccine roll out?

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Initial is supporting a safe and hygienic approach to the COVID-19 vaccine roll out

Initial are supporting the National vaccine roll out by offering agile, safe, responsible disposal of all sharps and PPE waste materials.   

The vaccination program is now underway throughout Australia, it's time to start preparing to ensure your premises can adequately cater for the increased sharps and PPE waste.

Initial has been responsibly collecting and disposing of medical waste across the GP and Pharmacy network for over 50 years, call us today for a FREE on site review of your current sharps and PPE disposal processes. 

We have increased our collection and disposal options to cater for increased foot traffic throughout the vaccination program. Our range of sharps and medical waste containers is expansive and designed to suit any anticipated volumes.

We're here to help, our size of fleet and flexible servicing schedules allow us to slow down or speed up frequencing of collections as you navigate through the vaccine roll out.

Call today to ensure your premises can adequately cater for your vaccination activity.

We have been providing robust, hygienic solutions for the safe collection and disposal of clinical & medical waste across Australia for over 50 years.

The safe temporary storage of used sharps and vials on premise is of paramount to the safety of your customers, patients, you and those who work around you. The Initial service offers an end to end sharps storage, collection and disposal service that follows all Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) Guidelines.

Latest innovation in sharps containers and disposal services, offering the highest safety and hygiene standards for handling sensitive waste.

Initial provides the innovation and technology to support a healthy, safe and hygienic environment. Supporting Australian businesses for over 50 years, we offer solutions across the entire hygiene ecosystem to help protect people and enhance lives. 

Our 400+ strong fleet allows us to provide reliable and agile services across metro and regional Australia. Our Highly experienced and skilled team of Technicians deliver expert services, tailored to the needs of your business.

Key Considerations to Factor into your COVID safe vaccination roll out

  • Do you currently have a sharps disposal unit or units in place today? 
  • Have you considered if the increased volume of sharps waste can be safely contained in your current sharps disposal units, if you have one already on site?
  • Do you envisage that your PPE clothing waste will increase and have you got adequate measures in place to handle the excess quantity of waste safely with no risk of cross contamination?
  • How large is your premises or clinic? Have you ensured that the layout of your clinic or premises allows for safe social distancing during busier periods of patient foot traffic? 
  • Are you sure that your premises are well ventilated and has there been a consideration to remove pathogens and viruses from the air entirely to minimise risk? 
  • Have you ensured that your patients have adequate access to hand sanitiser? 
  • Do you have a COVID-Safe safety officer to regularly sanitise and disinfect seating and surfaces?

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