Sharps & Clinical Waste Disposal

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Sharps & Clinical Waste Disposal

We have been providing robust, hygienic solutions for the safe collection and disposal of clinical & medical waste across Australia for over 50 years.

The safe temporary storage of used sharps and vials on premise is of paramount to the safety of your customers, patients, you and those who work around you. The Initial service offers an end to end sharps storage, collection and disposal service that follows all Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) Guidelines.

How are we different?

Initial is one of the largest service providers across sharps and clinical waste in Australia. We are a Global company, with a national presence in Australia, with service locations and offices located throughout the country. We are EPA compliant and adhere to all governing legislation for the responsible management and disposal of clinical waste material.

Agility of our service

The size and reach of our service operation allows us to offer a tailored waste disposal plan to every single customer. We supply a broad range of products to cater for all volumes and can customise your waste disposal management plan based on your specific needs. (insert image og container range)

How are our products different?

We remove and replace the full sharps or clinical waste unit with a new unit at every service visit. The container and its contents are incinerated by a licensed disposal company in full compliance with environmental guidelines. We provide access to a world class service helpdesk for serving and account queries and offer free repair or product replacement for the lifetime of your contract.

Who we service

We support customers across all sectors where the safe and responsible disposal of waste is required

  • Aged Care Homes
  • Private Medical Centres 
  • Hospitals 
  • Dental
  • General Practitioners 
  • Beauticians & Tattoo Parlours 
  • Pathology Networks
  • Schools & Colleges 
  • Retail Centres 

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