Urgent Safety Notification

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Urgent Safety Notification

Hand Dryers- Mediclinic Optima Models

Rentokil Initial advises that it has become aware of a safety issue affecting Mediclinic Hand Dryers that have been supplied to customers across Australia. We are working with the Australian distributor of these products, Davidson Washroom to investigate this matter.

Please take urgent action (see below) if this notification applies to any hand dryer installed at you premises.

This notification concerns Mediclinic models Optima White M99A and Optima Stainless Steel Satin M99ACS of hand dryer with a power cable and concerns the absence of an effective locking mechanism for securing the power cord cabling to the dryer unit. This defect risks the power cabling being pulled out of the unit causing electric shocks and hence serious risks to life and injury.

This issue will not affect Mediclinic hand dryer units that are that have been hard wired into the wall, i.e. there is no power cable visible or accessible to users.

If your Mediclinic hand dryer unit is plugged into a wall socket or you are unsure, please implement the following steps as a matter of urgency:

  1. Disconnect the unit from the electricity supply at the wall;
  2. Tape a notice in large clear text securely to the unit stating “ OUT OF SERVICE - DO NOT USE THIS UNIT- SUBJECT to a SAFETY ISSUE”; and
  3. Call Rentokil Initial on 1300 180 373 to verify that you have received and implemented the steps above and to confirm the plan to have your unit inspected to establish whether it is compliant or requires a re-fit at your site.

Any other queries or questions should be directed to Nadia Khaled, Customer Service Manager at [email protected]

Safety is the first priority at Rentokil Initial. We are working with the Australian product distributor, Davidson Washroom to ensure that we identify the relevant units and steps are taken promptly to address safety and customer satisfaction. We have notified the ACCC of this action and will be updating them on the ongoing investigations as we address this issue with our supplier and customers.



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