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Washroom Vending Machines

Equip your washroom with all the essential items for feminine hygiene and baby changing needs. Our coin operated vending machines are designed for ease of use and are built with a smooth surface that’s easy to wipe clean. Products are easily interchangeable, and we can provide you with a tailored service schedule to make sure you never run out of stock.

Work smarter: choose easy servicing

Our vending machines are available for hire. As part of our hire service we’ll recommend the right location for the machine and one of our experts will install the unit for you. We will regularly come and service your machine so that your users will always find what they are after in those cases of emergency.

  • Customer care line for any enquiries during your hire period.
  • Units installed within 10 working days of contract signing.
  • Free repair or replacement within 72 hours during lifetime of contract.

Vending machine supplies

We provide a wide range of supplies designed for the convenience and comfort of your customers. The machine is easy to top up yourself, so you can make sure users never face the inconvenience of an unstocked machine. Our vending machine supplies include:

  • Sanitary towels.
  • Tampons.
  • Nappies.



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