Getting back to the workplace

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Getting back to the workplace

Returning to work after lockdown is a new challenge to businesses and employees around the world as countries take measures to recover from the coronavirus crisis. Businesses will need to reassure staff of their safety by ensuring there is a clean and hygienic work environment and providing staff with suitable solutions for protecting their health.

Initial’s integrated hygiene services help businesses to prevent transmission of infectious diseases with a range of industry-leading surface, hand and air hygiene solutions. In addition we offer an extensive range of educational material to educate staff and encourage hygienic practices.

Integrated hygiene services

Our integrated hygiene services package provides surface and personal hygiene solutions designed to protect colleagues and visitors, for safer working environments. It includes leading hand hygiene and air purification solutions, combined with surface sanitising solutions and professional disinfection services.

Professional precautionary disinfection service which helps to maintain high levels of hygiene in your premises.

Hand hygiene solutions, such as no-touch hand sanitisers, to help minimise cross-contamination.

Air purification to improve air quality and reduce the risk of infection from airborne viruses and bacteria.

Protecting your people and premises now and in the future

Initial offers solutions and services for ongoing protection of people and premises, including consultancy and staff education to optimise usage of hygiene solutions, a range of personal protection packages for staff to protect their own workspace and continuity-of-service plans to prepare in case there are further lockdowns.

Advice and educational materials about hygiene and handwashing to improve knowledge and promote better practices.

A range of personal protection and hygiene solutions to help safeguard your colleagues’ health and wellbeing.

We work with you to agree on a continuity-of-service plan in the event of future closures of your facilities.

Global expertise to support your business return to the workplace

Our Global Accounts team is responsible for managing key international customers who are looking to engage services by all Rentokil Initial brands across Pest Control, Hygiene, Premium Scenting and Plants

The team offers customers the benefits of scale through a single point of contact, supporting a diverse range of businesses whilst retaining central accountability and management.

Find out more about how our Global Accounts Team can help you.