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Protecting people and premises: safeguarding for the future

As countries around the world emerge from lockdown, employers and employees are rightly concerned about what going back to work means for them. The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in businesses reviewing best practices to act responsibly and keep their people safe. Staff and customers are making sure they don’t put themselves at risk of another outbreak.  

To reduce the risk of further lockdowns and to ensure workplace conditions and policies comply with health and safety regulations, your business needs to reduce the spread of germs by taking necessary precautions. Good hygiene is essential.

At Initial, we offer the widest range of solutions to protect organisations from the risks of poor hygiene, leaving you to focus on your business, safe in the knowledge that your staff and customers are being taken care of.


Your safety is our priority

Our employees have been trained to operate in a safe manner at all times to help protect your business.

Continuous support

Ensure your business is still protected in the event of further closures with an agreed Continuity of Service plan.

Protecting your people and premises

Whether it’s person to person, surface to person or via the air, germs can spread easily throughout a building. Our integrated range of services promote good hygiene and help to prevent cross-contamination by sanitising touchpoints, surfaces, equipment and floors with solutions that can kill up to 99.99% of bacteria and viruses.

No-touch hand-sanitising solutions and sanitising consumables protect your hands for up to 8 hours.

A range of air hygiene solutions expertly designed to reduce cross-contamination across your facility.

Our disinfection services provided by sister company, Rentokil, deliver long-term protection against the threat of bacteria and viruses.

We’re here to support your business

Our mission is to protect our customers from the risks of poor hygiene in these extraordinary times. Our experts deliver an ongoing service that’s both reliable and hassle-free, leaving you to focus on the operations of your business, secure in the knowledge that your staff, visitors and customers are safe.