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3 things a hotel should consider to safeguard its future

Daryl Wing

Hotels are welcoming back guests in a post-coronavirus world. Temperature checks, unmanned reception areas and meticulous cleaning are the new norm, while familiar features like breakfast buffets, minibars and ironing boards could be confined to the history books. 

The coronavirus pandemic is the biggest test the hotel industry has ever faced. After months of uncertainty, travellers are hungry to break the shackles and escape lockdown, but managing the health and safety of guests and employees has brought the biggest challenges. 

With strict practices now in place, the transient nature of hotel guests means germs can still be brought onto a hotel’s premises. This is no time to rest on our laurels. While we shouldn’t work ourselves into a frenzy about the threat of a ‘second wave’, making plans for potential lockdowns in the future will allow guests to feel safe, relax and enjoy their break. 

Here are three important questions to consider.

Has your hotel been deep-cleaned and how will you keep it clean?

Fullerton Hotels and Resorts has added a range of new measures to ensure the safety of its guests, such as enhanced deep-cleaning practices, the introduction of new cleaning technologies and hygiene protocols. Deep-cleaning minimises the risk of infections being passed on via surfaces – reducing the possibility of cross-contamination for staff and customers.

Initial’s disinfection services sanitise touchpoints, surfaces, equipment and floors, with solutions that include the following.

  • A range of sprays and surface wipes that can kill pathogens and prevent cross-contamination, providing up to 24-hour protection for high-usage items, such as remote controls, light switches and headboards.
  • HygienicTouch door handles that limit the spread of bacteria deposited on the surface of the handle by people’s hands.
  • Serviced floor mats that capture up to 80% of microorganisms before they’re spread through your hotel and demonstrate care and consideration to your guests.

In addition to supporting the hotel industry with innovative hygiene solutions, our sister company, Rentokil, also provides a range of disinfection services to help hotels deal with the effects of the COVID-19.

Are there hygiene items in place to ensure good hand hygiene for guests and employees?

Millennium Hotels and Resorts will be placing hand sanitisers at guest contact areas, such as hotel lobbies and conference spaces. That’s because germs and pathogens can spread easily throughout a hotel building – via person to person, surface to person or in the air. 

Throughout the day, hands that touch contaminated surfaces can transmit germs to other surfaces or directly to people. By opting for a range of hand-sanitising solutions that include no-touch technology, the risk of germ transmission is lower. Initial provides a range of innovative hand hygiene consumables that include the following. 

  • Hand and surface sanitisers provided at key locations will help minimise the risk of cross-contamination amongst hotel amenity users.
  • No-touch paper and linen dispensers for hand drying that lower the risk of recontamination by reducing the amount of moisture and microorganisms left on the hands after washing.
  • High-performance sanitising consumables that minimise the risk of cross-contamination among hotel users.

Initial are also able to educate staff on correct handwashing procedures and glove usage policies to minimise the spread of germs from hands to food and surfaces.

Is air purification in place for more hygienic air?

Avani Hotels has embraced new safety and hygiene technology that include air purifiers to remove bacterial or virus property. Airborne germs can trigger allergies or spread infection and disease. Initial’s air hygiene solutions are designed to reduce cross-contamination across your hotel.

  • InspireAir 72 HEPA13 removes over 99.95% of airborne particles 0.3 microns in size or larger for healthier indoor surroundings.
  • Biozone reduces bacteria in the air and combats bad odours that can make an environment seem unclean.
  • EcoBreeze filters, cleans and fragrances the air in washrooms to maintain a pleasant-smelling experience for guests.  

Don’t forget about pests

Hotels are one of the most common places that bed bugs are found. After the shutdown of non-critical businesses and services to reduce the transmission of COVID-19, many buildings have been left empty or with reduced human presence, resulting in a greater risk of pest infestations.

Designed to address common hotel pest issues, Entotherm heat treatment, from Rentokil, will protect your business from the threat of bed bugs and insect infestations. Find out more about innovative pest control for hotels

What next?

By ramping up cleaning measures in your hotel, you can help protect the health and safety of your customers and staff now and in the future. At Initial, we understand how important this is to you, which is why our award-winning integrated solutions will help to take care of your people and safeguard your business. Why not get in touch?

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Daryl Wing
Daryl Wing

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