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How to keep university staff and students safe during COVID-19 pandemic

Harry Wood

The World Health Organization (WHO) and International Labour Organization (ILO) have issued guidelines on how workplaces can be re-opened safely after COVID-19 lockdowns are eased around the world. They recommended that detailed plans are drawn up to appoint teams and allocate resources for the implementation of preventive and control measures.

Every organisation needs to consider how to operate safely in the future. While employers worry about work and study conditions and have to comply with health and safety, employees and students want to know that they’ll be safe on campus. 

In a poll carried out by Rentokil Initial during the lockdown period: 

  • 86% of people surveyed expressed concerns about the risk of the virus spreading via door handles through their place of work. 
  • 87% expect their company to provide them with hand sanitiser
  • 65% of respondents expect their company to provide regular disinfection services
  • 50% believe their office should be cleaned once a day
  • Only 9% of respondents did not expect to continue to follow social distancing guidelines when returning to work

The challenge for universities to ease post-lockdown anxiety is clear to see. Below are some handy steps you can take to ensure students and staff are better protected.

Safeguarding your university

At Initial, we understand the importance of protecting people from the risks of poor hygiene in difficult times. Our award-winning hygiene solutions will help safeguard your university, now and in the future.  Get in touch with our team today.

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Harry Wood
Harry Wood

I am a Content Communications Editor at Rentokil Initial, writing content for all our marketing activities on topics as diverse as pest control, pest-borne diseases, food safety, climate change, wellbeing, hygiene and airborne diseases. I've been an editor and writer for over 30 years in academic and business roles. I started life in the Forestry Commission, moved into tropical forestry and environment in Thailand before migrating to the world of healthcare IT and medical technology back in the UK. My role at Rentokil Initial has given me the chance to return to some of my roots when writing about wood-boring insect pests ... or is that boring Wood writing about insect pests?

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