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Fighting Bad Smells

Fight bad smells in your washrooms with our solutions from air to cubicle hygiene. Contact us today to find out how we could help.

Maintaining a consistently high level of hygiene can be challenging in shared washrooms that are used intensively at peak times. 

Although some washroom users are more concerned with hygiene standards than others, most will directly associate bad smell with poor hygiene standards. Worryingly, washrooms perceived as unhygienic can drive up to a third of customers and visitors away, reduce the likelihood of return visits and reflect badly on a business reputation. 

Having a good cleaning routine is an important step to maintaining a hygienic, fresh-smelling washroom environment, but other elements should not be overlooked. 

This video introduces a selection of ideas to consider when looking to provide fresh and hygienic washrooms, at all times.


Following each of the recommendations below will help you make your washroom environment more welcoming and hygienic:

  • Check and maintain your ventilation regularly.
  • Target bad smells with the right solution.
  • Adjust flush settings to your footfall.
  • Clean walls and all exposed surfaces.
  • Educate the user on good washroom habits.
  • Use effective disposal systems.

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