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About Initial Hygiene

Initial Hygiene in Fiji is part of a service-based company that consists of several different divisions that operate in some 40 countries around the world. Services we provide include cleaning, textiles, facilities services and, of course, washroom and hygiene services.

Our experience and attention to detail makes Initial one of the global leaders in the provision of quality washroom and hygiene services.

With 5 hygiene service centres in Fiji alone, we have been setting industry standards since the 1980s. Our steady growth has been based on the highest level of service, market leading product and service development and a strong knowledge of what our customers need and value.

Our commitment to the environment

Sustainability is rapidly climbing the agenda of every organisation driven by growing concerns for corporate social responsibility and duty of care, an increasing awareness of the need for environmental protection, ever more stringent legislation and rising landfill costs.

Initial leads the industry in the development of more environmentally-friendly, sustainable products and solutions. Our commitment to the environment is integral to the way we work and influences the local causes we support:

  • Waste Management - We take great care on how we dispose of waste from our services and ensure all waste management solutions are compliant with local legislation and our experts work in partnership with customers to develop an effective waste minimisation programme.
  • Product development - We develop products, packaging and consumables with low power consumption and minimal environmental impact
  • Rainforest Rescue – Initial Hygiene is a proud sponsor of Rainforest Rescue and the Daintree Rainforest (Buy Back and Protect Forever) Project

Service promise

Initial provides a range of hygiene solutions to help ensure the safety and well-being of customers and end-users. By offering a range of flexible serviced contracts tailored specifically to the needs of your business, Initial delivers the highest levels of service, innovative solutions and customer care. We will install and maintain your hygiene solutions, manage consumbles, dispose of medical waste whilst ensuring compliance with all necessary hygiene and environmental legislation.

1. Contact

Call us and we will arrange for your local team to be in contact.

  • Local expert surveyors 
  • Calls returned within 24 hours (Mon-Fri)

2. Survey

We will discuss your hygiene needs, arrange for an on-site survey and make recommendations specific to your business' needs.

  • Appointment at a time of your convenience
  • Solutions tailored to your business requirements
  • In compliance with all hygiene and environmental regulations

3. Installation

Our expert installation service is completed within a maximum of 10 days following your order.

  • Appointment at a time of your convenience
  • Quick, discreet installation of certified products
  • No disruption to your business

4. Service

Our local team of service technicians will attend scheduled services.

  • Discreet service
  • Quality assurance that your hygiene solutions are in good order
  • Offering a 48 hour issue resolution
  • Proof of service made available online
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