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Hygiene services for food retail businesses

Businesses in the food retail sector, such as supermarkets and grocery stores, play an important role in the food supply chain as one of the last steps before food reaches customers.

In recent times, food retailers have had to work tirelessly to maintain supplies and meet public demand. Despite these increased pressures, it’s vital that customers and staff are kept safe and that businesses adhere to hygiene standards in accordance with food safety regulations.

As the world-leading hygiene experts, Initial is committed to providing food retail establishments with innovative, cutting-edge technologies that keep levels of hygiene high and reduce risks for staff and customers.

Ensuring high levels of hygiene for supermarkets and grocery stores

Food retail businesses operate in a transient – often high-traffic – sector. Here, close contact between customers, staff and surfaces makes the spread of pathogens more likely and increases the risk of infection.

Good hygiene practices are essential for disrupting the transmission of germs and protecting premises and the people in them from further risks, especially at cross-contamination hotspots.

Entrances and exits

Germs can be brought into your business by customers or staff. Hand sanitisers that kill germs can be positioned in the most convenient locations, such as entry points, to promote frequent use.

In your whole facility

High levels of footfall, close contact between both people and surfaces, and the storage of different food materials mean that surface hygiene and air care solutions across your facility are vital to help avoid the spread of germs.

Frequently touched objects

Frequently touched objects such as door handles and shopping trolleys and baskets can facilitate cross-contamination. Surface hygiene solutions can reduce risks of infection by sanitising these touchpoints.

Staff and customer hand hygiene

Poor hand hygiene severely increases the potential for cross-contamination. Ensuring effective hand hygiene facilities – for handwashing, hand-drying and hand sanitising – are available both inside and outside washrooms can help protect your staff and customers.

Tills, self-service and payment areas

Conveyor belts, bagging areas, payment screens and card readers can harbour germs. Self-serve sprays and wipes and hand sanitisers can kill bacteria and viruses in these areas to help reduce germ transmission.

Kitchens and fresh food counters

Staff working in kitchens, food preparation areas and fresh-food counters can transmit bacteria and viruses onto equipment, surfaces and the food itself – compromising food safety. Effective hand hygiene facilities and surface hygiene programmes are crucial in these locations.

Hygiene solutions for supermarkets and grocery stores

Initial provides a holistic hygiene programme to help food retail establishments ensure the highest hygiene standards, protect food safety and reduce risks of cross-contamination.

Our industry-leading solutions are backed by data and scientific evidence. We provide innovations such as intelligent no-touch dispensers, industry-leading consumables and highly effective air hygiene solutions that can help protect the health and safety of your customers and staff.

Air care

Industry-leading solutions for cleaner, more hygienic air to enhance customer and employee health and wellbeing.

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