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Leadership and Innovation

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Leadership and Innovation

Our understanding of washroom hygiene is developing all the time, and we are always dedicated to employing the latest know-how in our drive to increase our hygiene standards. This brings us acknowledgment from our customers and from our peers in the marketplace.

Investing in Technology

You might not think that washroom hygiene had much to gain from research, development and investment in technology. But you’d be wrong. The use of new technology helps reduce cleanser demand and lowers energy requirements. Take our new Solar Air Freshener for instance – an internal microchip tells it when it needs to operate, reducing cost and improving environmental efficiency.

Health and Safety

An Initial Hygiene service contract helps ensure that you meet or exceed Health and Safety requirements in the sensitive area of washrooms. We keep up to date on environmental and workplace regulations in Fiji to ensure you always meet your statutory requirements.

Clean, hygienic washrooms are also a direct reflection of your company’s business ethos. They help maintain and improve staff morale – your people feel well cared for. They can also impress customers and visitors to your premises with your dedication to comfort and well-being for all.


Here at Initial Hygiene, quality of service, efficiency and providing value for money are fundamental to our work. Our dedication to maintaining and raising washroom hygiene service standards brings our regular recognition in the form of customer commendations and global awards.

Global Awards
As an international business Initial has received several awards that attest to our excellence.

What Our Customers Say
“There used to be a nasty smell in the changing rooms. With Initial’s airfreshener everything smells fresh. Our visitors like it”

“Our toilets were a disaster and were making unreasonable demands on our cleaning staff. But Initial’s seat-cleaners changed everything! Our toilets are hygienic up to the evening.”

“Disorder in the washrooms? We had it. Today Initial’s Elite Line is installed in all our washrooms. Ambience and functionality are covered in one. Visitors and staff really appreciate it”

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