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Throughout Fiji we help manufacturing companies to provide safe and hygienic environments for staff and visitors alike.

We understand that good hygiene is vital to the performance of your business and it applies to all areas of your premises, from washrooms and kitchen areas, to work spaces and storage areas. Without measures in place, the risk of illness and absenteeism can have a huge impact on productivity and your reputation.

Hygienic washrooms and workplaces make clear financial sense

  • Good hygiene can help to lower staff absenteeism and illness.
  • Supports your reputation and staff are happier.
  • Supports compliance with hygiene or health and safety regulations.
  • Will help to avoid legal costs and damage to your reputation as result of work related illness.

Solutions tailored to make a difference

Ultimately, we are driven by the knowledge good hygiene in the washroom and beyond has a huge impact on you as an employer and a brand. That’s why we deliver tailored solutions for manufacturers to manage hygiene risk, create healthier working environments and make your workplaces better places for staff.

  • Award-winning washroom dispensers with integral antibacterial surface to support high hygiene.
  • Fixed and mobile hand sanitiser solutions that support good hand hygiene throughout your business.
  • Air control solutions to enhance high traffic environments.
  • Discreet, dependable and friendly service, tailored to support your individual needs.

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