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Essential environmental and surface hygiene

Surfaces that are directly touched by the skin, notably the hand, can be a source of transmission to staff and customers. Frequently touched surfaces can become increasingly contaminated and have a greater risk of transmission if no remedial action is taken to reduce cross-contamination. Every area in your business should be disinfected and cleaned thoroughly and regularly.

The coronavirus is affecting every business around the world. To get back to business and to prevent cross-contamination and the spread of germs, businesses need the correct hygiene protocols in place.

It’s important that you keep your staff and customers safe, minimise risk and create hygienic environments across your facility. Their awareness of the importance of hygiene will have increased over the last few months and your business will need to provide reassurance and cater for these increased expectations.

Our range of innovative surface hygiene services give you peace of mind that you are able to keep your employees and customers safe.

Providing effective surface hygiene solutions

To ensure cleanliness and stop the spread of infections, your business can take measures to reduce the risks of contamination so that the premises are in a suitable condition for staff and customers.

Surfaces in a building can become hotspots for cross-contamination of germs if they are not regularly wiped and disinfected. Particular attention needs to be paid to:

  • communal areas, such as washrooms, canteens, receptions, kitchens, elevators, changing rooms
  • frequently touched objects and surfaces, such as door handles, floors or equipment and machinery
  • office areas including workstations, desks and storage areas

Using an integrated approach to hygiene – involving a number of interventions to minimise cross contamination risk along the journey of the germ – is the most effective way to limit the spread of harmful germs.


Protecting your business against infectious bacteria, viruses and disease, our bespoke disinfection solutions from our sister company, Initial, provides a fast response, legally compliant service to ensure high levels of hygiene and are tailored to your exact requirements.

ULV disinfection fogging disinfects large areas in a short period of time by being able to treat inaccessible areas that can’t be reached using traditional methods.

Cleaning and disinfection of common touch points such as door handles ,light switches and floors to minimise the risk of microbial transfer.

All our hygiene specialists are equipped with PPE and RPE to ensure they work safely and effectively to protect and prevent cross-contamination.

Benefits of disinfection services

  • Covers hard-to-reach areas quickly and effectively.

  • Can remove up to 99.9999% of pathogens.

  • Rapid restoration with minimum disruption to business.

Why initial are the leaders in hygiene

We’re the world's leading hygiene company and part of Rentokil Initial, the experts in protecting people and enhancing lives. We have 100 years of hygiene experience, the widest range of services and products and the highest levels of service in the industry. Our own teams of microbiologists, product developers and service professionals and our award-winning innovations set us apart from competitors. We understand the importance of an integrated approach to hygiene, helping customers around the world manage hygiene risks and create safer business environments to safeguard staff, customers and brand reputation.

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