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Retail Hygiene

We understand that good washroom facilities are vital to create a pleasant shopping experience.

Happy customers and achieving return business are key to your profitability. Clean and hygienic washrooms are an important factor in your customers’ decision to return. If facilities are poor it can reflect on your brand image, reduce the length of stay and spend, and ultimately drive people away.

Providing well equipped, hygienic washrooms makes good financial sense

  • Improved shopper experience leads to longer dwell time and spend.
  • Enhanced positive image means more new shoppers and return visits.
  • Standout from your competitors, leading to good reviews and new customers.
  • Provision for special needs such as families or the elderly, attracts customers.

Solutions tailored to make a difference

At Initial, we take pride in delivering tailored solutions to enable Retailers to keep their premise looking and smelling good and most importantly, to provide your customers a hygienic and friendly environment.

Improve customer experience with tailored solutions from Initial.

  • Exclusive, award-winning ranges of dispensers deigned to perform in busy washroom environments.
  • Prestigious, hand crafted Reflection range were style is vital.
  • Scenting solutions to enhance customer experience.
  • Logo floor mats, designed to promote your brand and keep your floors spotless.


Q: Why is Initial best placed to support your retail business?
A: We understand that customer first impressions count; a poor washroom experience can deter repeat customers. Our Signature and Reflection range have been design to support your décor whilst providing the highest levels of hygiene.