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Global account management

As leaders in the commercial hygiene solutions industry, we understand that managing hygiene requirements across markets and locations can prove to be complex - with varying needs, expectations, regulations and legislations to contend and comply with.

Initial operates across more than 40 countries to offer the strength and experience of a multinational organisation whilst retaining the agility and expertise of a local company. Our Global Accounts team offers customers the benefits of scale through a single point of contact, supporting a diverse range of businesses whilst retaining central accountability and management. Knowing that our customers count on our expertise motivates us to continue to push the boundaries of our industry. We pioneer new innovations, harness new technology and leverage the latest breakthroughs in research and development to deliver global service excellence.

Why have a global partnership with us?

The Global Accounts team are responsible for managing key international customers who are looking to engage services by all Rentokil Initial brands across Pest Control, Hygiene, Premium Scenting and Plants. Since 1903, we have built a large network of core support services which allows us to deliver:

  • Medical and clinical waste management: - Proper management of medical and clinical waste is vital for any organisation which produces hazardous waste due to strict legislation in place to prevent harm to the health of patients, visitors, employees and the environment. Initial offers a detailed clinical waste pre-acceptance audit that identifies and categorises types of waste and quantities produced to provide expert advice and recommendation on disposal services required to ensure compliance.

  • Floor care services: - Initial offers an extensive range of textile and non-textile floor mats to suit your business requirements and ensure compliance with SHE regulations. Available on a fully-laundered service, rental basis or direct purchase.

  • Scenting solutions: - Industry leaders in the experiential marketing space, Initial has partnered with world leading scent experts to formulate fragrances to deliver specific results for brands and organisations. Our premium scenting solutions are distributed via our own advanced, patented diffusion technology and serviced professionally by in-house scenting experts.

Sector expertise

Hygiene expertise and experience across a wide range of industry sectors from hospitality and facilities management to food processing and retail. We stay abreast of the latest and emerging trends that make their way across industry sectors and use this knowledge to update our development work around commercial hygiene solutions.

World class innovations

One of our key areas of focus is finding smarter, more effective solutions to hygiene management. At our Global Research & Development Centre - known as The Power Centre, our central team of biologists, product engineers and regulatory experts embrace and experiment with new technologies and innovations.  

Our Global Accounts team can organise personalised tours of the Power Centre and keep you informed about our market-leading innovations such as our smart hygiene solutions, myInitial and the award-winning Signature Colour range.

Award-winning product ranges

At Initial, we continuously invest in research and development to create state-of-the-art hygiene washroom solutions that deliver real end-user benefits to our customers. Our Signature range of washroom hygiene products was awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design Award, an internationally-recognised product quality seal for achieving product design excellence as well as the President’s Design Award, Singapore’s most prestigious design accolade.