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Why do you need computer deep clean and maintenance services?

Computer and electronic devices require regular physical maintenance. Leaving the computer unlearned and dusty may greatly impact the performance and lifespan of the device. Regular cleaning & maintenance regime keep the computer fans, cooling systems, and air vents clear while removing the dust inside the server and the computers that bring advantages for:

  • Constantly circulate fresh cool air to the CPU and motherboard
  • Help to avoid the risk of overheating, short-circuit and potential failure caused by dust prevent potential fire and health hazard
  • Avoid the harmful bacteria and virus attached on the dust on your machine

Our cleaning technicians have knowledge and expertise to provide you reliable and trustworthy services. Our comprehensive communication room cleaning techniques are specifically designed to eliminate contaminants in your mission-critical environment. Dirt, dust, contamination can prevent airflow through your hardware equipment. The air blockage can cause serious damage or potential fire hazards to your equipment and facility.

The leading workplace hygiene solutions

Initial Workplace Hygiene, is part of the worldwide largest well-known essential services expert group, Rentokil Initial. With the support of Rentokil Initial group, since 1955 we have been committed to providing quality and reliable office hygiene solutions. Nowadays Initial Workplace Hygiene has become the leading specialist workplace hygiene industry expertise in Hong Kong.

  • Demonstrate capability - For more than hundred years of professional experience in hygiene industry, over 100 experienced service technicians specialize in a unique sanitizing service tailored to customers 'specification across a variety of industries.

  • Market-leading service levels - Unlike general cleaning companies, all our technicians are regularly given comprehensive and professional technical training to the highest industry standards.

  • Partnership approach - We pride ourselves on our flexibility and work around operation procedures and time-horizon and bespoke solutions with minimal disruption to work activities of customers.

  • Stringent security - For customers' peace of mind, all our technicians undergo check by criminal record for ultimate security.

  • Exemplary health & safety standards - Initial Workplace Hygiene operates a ‘safety first’ policy that ensures the safety of our customers and employees is paramount.

  • Operational efficiency - All our technicians wear attire gloves to avoid minimal cross contamination and ensure maximum operational efficiency.

Workplace hygiene services

Initial’s holistic approach to hygiene solutions ensures your workplaces are covered in all key risk areas.

  • Dedicated, expert hygiene services and award winning products
  • Comprehensive range of workplace hygiene solutions to help prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses
  • Delivering global best practice, complying with all hygiene and environmental regulations
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