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Data centre and server room hygiene

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Data centre and server room hygiene

Initial workplace hygiene understands that our data centre and server room hygiene solution is vital to help minimizing the risk of dust and contaminants by intensive treatment, helping prevent costly downtime and providing you complete peace of mind.

According to IBM Today, computer downtime can cost a business between HK$600,000 and HK$6,000,000 per hour, compared with expenses like that essential computer room cleaning services is negligible. Contamination from dirt particles and fibers, dust and even metallic elements from the fabric of your office building can cause serious computer malfunctions, and even fires.

Initial workplace hygiene solutions are highly effective and our hygiene specialists can work in areas that conventional cleaners cannot so as to significantly improve the performance of your server rooms or data centers by increasing the life span of the equipment, and minimizing replacement costs. Whether your business has data rooms and servers across Hong Kong or your needs are more modest, we can tailor a highly effective hygiene package to meet your requirements and meet stringent requirements by working closely with your on-site IT service manager.

Your computer room is critical to business performance. Effective computer operation requires clean air and low static levels. Businesses which fail to employ dedicated computer room cleaning services are in danger of suffering an expensive breakdown caused by dirt and dust contamination. At Initial workplace and IT hygiene solutions, we have the specialist equipment and highly trained staff to help keep it running efficiently. Our services can protect this environment and avoid expensive disruption in your computer rooms.

ISO 14644 standard for data centre and server room

The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) defines the airborne particulate cleanliness under the subclasses ISO 14644-1 through ISO 14644-12. Data centres & server rooms particularly follow subclass 8 of the classification of airborne molecular contamination for cleanroom and server room.

The leading workplace hygiene solutions

Initial Workplace Hygiene, is part of the worldwide largest well-known essential services expert group, Rentokil Initial. With the support of Rentokil Initial group, since 1955 we have been committed to providing quality and reliable office hygiene solutions. Nowadays Initial Workplace Hygiene has become the leading specialist workplace hygiene industry expertise in Hong Kong.

  • Market-leading service levels - Unlike general cleaning companies, for more than hundred years of professional experience in hygiene industry, our specialized trained computer room hygiene specialists receive safety training and wear appropriate protective clothing.

  • Dedicated anti-static computer cleaning equipment - We apply dedicated anti-static equipment to remove dust without generating airborne contamination. Our hygiene specialists use spill-proof containers and clear plastic bags for safe removal of debris

  • Systematic IT office hygiene approach - We adopt a methodical approach to ensure your ceiling voids are cleaned, followed by your walls and overhead work, before we carry out work on your server cabinets and other IT office equipment.

  • Partnership Approach - We pride ourselves on our flexibility and work around operation procedures and time-horizon and bespoke solutions with minimal disruption to work activities of customers.

  • Stringent security - For customers' peace of mind, all our technicians undergo check by criminal record for ultimate security.

  • Exemplary health and safety standards - Initial Workplace Hygiene operates a ‘safety first’ policy that ensures the safety of our customers and employees is paramount

  • Operational Efficiency - All our technicians wear attire gloves to avoid minimal cross contamination and ensure maximum operational efficiency.