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Healthcare and wellness center hygiene

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How to improve healthcare and wellness center hygiene

In addition to providing a peaceful, quiet and friendly setting in the healthcare and wellness center, we understand that ensuring a hygienic and safe environment for patients is essential.

Inadequate hygiene facilities could lead to the spread of any healthcare associated infection and put your brand reputation at risk. Determining critical control points where hazards can be prevented and eliminated is crucial; below we explore a few areas for consideration:

Reception/ entrance


The reception is an important reflection of your establishment as it is often the first point of contact for patients and visitors. Ensure they are well maintained, clean and hygienic to create a welcoming environment. 

  • Choose the right floor mat to absorb dirt and water so these do not get trodden through your premises 
  • Create a relaxing ambience with the right scent for your patients and visitors 
  • Install hand sanitisers and ensure a regular cleaning routine with a focus on high-footfall areas

Waiting area


Scent can affect emotions and is able to induce feelings of calm while reducing tension and anxiety.

  • Relax patient's family and friends in waiting room by adding pleasant smelling scent
  • Reduce perceived waiting time by having a soothing environment

Kitchen/ food preparation area


Cross-contamination and spread of bacteria in kitchens can occur easily if proper hygiene practices are not put in place.

  • Ensure staff are well educated on the importance of complying with hand washing, glove and hair net usage practices
  • Food waste areas should be kept clean, tidy and regularly cleared to prevent pests
  • Make sure all food handlers are fit for work. Pathogens such as norovirus are easily spread and have a low infective dose - meaning very few organisms are needed to cause illness



Providing the right facilities to ensure good washroom behaviours can also help minimise the risk of dangerous pathogens being spread.

  • Ensure adequate facilities are in place for the washing and drying of hands and sanitary waste disposal
  • Clean taps and soap dispensers regularly to help reduce surface cross-contamination
  • Install air fresheners or air purifiers to maintain a pleasant smelling washroom