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Workplace hotspot surface hygiene

Initial workplace hygiene understands that our office hot spots surfaces hygiene solution is vital to control the serious risk of viruses, bacteria and illness cross contamination across the workplace, thus enhancing the productivity of your entire business.

Everyday your office is inundated with hidden bacteria and germs, especially for the common areas people everyday come in contact but being paid less attention are busy harboring harmful viruses and bacteria that are at anytime easily to be picked up and passed your employees and visitors. Hidden bacteria causes employee absenteeism not only comes from outside, but most significantly employees themselves spend almost 90% of their times at office have been found as a primary source of bacterial habitat where harboring trillions of micro-organisms.

Most contaminated objects surface in common office hot spots surface areas

Initial has conducted the contamination testing on the common office surfaces which typically harbor alarming levels of bacteria and exceed the industries benchmark of ATP count 200. These include: 

  • Pantry microwave oven door ATP count 1,170*
  • Washroom entrance door knob ATP count 778*
  • Reception chain handle ATP count 3,788*
  • Conference room chain handle ATP count 1,109*
  • Conference room table top ATP count 1,100*
  • Workstation table top ATP count 1,069*
  • Pantry fridge door ATP count 735*

Initial workplace hygiene specializes in sanitizing various common office hot spots surfaces including:

  • Pantry microwave oven door
  • Pantry fridge door
  • Door knob
  • Workstation keyboard tray
  • Workstation chair handle
  • Workstation table top
  • Conference chain handle
  • Conference table top
  • Reception table top

What is ATP?

ATP ( Adenosine Triphosphate) is regarded by international biologists as a major source of energy for intracellular activities. ATP is usually found in food, bacteria, yeast, mold cells and microbial contamination. Through ATP reading, Initial as an hygiene expert, is able to analyze the biological concentration of bacteria on your office surfaces which indicate a certain level of microbiological contamination.

An ATP reading of 200 or higher is considered to have a relatively high risk for bacteria and sickness transmission.

The leading workplace hygiene solutions

Initial Workplace Hygiene, is part of the worldwide largest well-known essential services expert group, Rentokil Initial. With the support of Rentokil Initial group, since 1955 we have been committed to providing quality and reliable office hygiene solutions. Nowadays Initial Workplace Hygiene has become the leading specialist workplace hygiene industry expertise in Hong Kong.

  • Demonstrate capability -

    For more than hundred years of professional experience in hygiene industry, over 100 experienced service technicians specialize in a unique sanitizing service tailored to customers 'specification across a variety of industries.

  • Market-leading service levels - Unlike general cleaning companies, all our technicians are regularly given comprehensive and professional technical training to the highest industry standards.

  • Partnership approach - We pride ourselves on our flexibility and work around operation procedures and time-horizon and bespoke solutions with minimal disruption to work activities of customers.

  • Stringent security - For customers' peace of mind, all our technicians undergo check by criminal record for ultimate security.

  • Exemplary health & safety standards - Initial Workplace Hygiene operates a ‘safety first’ policy that ensures the safety of our customers and employees is paramount.

  • Operational efficiency - All our technicians wear attire gloves to avoid minimal cross contamination and ensure maximum operational efficiency.