Odour management

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Initial odour remediation solution

Odour, a common complaint rising among businesses. Persistent bad smell is a real challenge for many facility management and a regular concern among hotel housekeepers as well. Bad smell and odour affect your business negatively especially for F&B businesses.

Odours are an environmental detriment, which usually not only result in compliants from clients, workers abd potential workplace citations, but also attracting unwanted pests like rodents, flies and cockraoches.

Controlling serious odour problem with Initial Odour Solution, an odour control misting system with electronic compressor & digital or analog controller. Initial Odour Solution is an innovation to cater to advanced air care with high needs, resolving problem for places with malodour challenges.

Suitable locations to control odour

Garbage area/ trash rooms & chutes

Build-up odour with massive waste

Storage area

Poor ventilation or decomposed pest stench arises

Exhaust stacks/ kitchen exhaust

Poor ventilation with food fumes acumalation

Food preparation area

Food disposal and waste, a common odour cause


Severe odour, encrustration build up or poor ventilation

Recyling plants, wastewater plants

Possible odour-arising activities

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