Premium Scenting

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Scenting for your washroom

Sensory marketing has slowly transformed into an important role to drive business revenue. This is because scent marketing is able to speak for your brand, turning branding opportunity to loyalty and best yet, to distinguish your brand from others.

Premium Scenting uses aroma diffuser technology, an innovation that provides consistent scent coverage for effective odour remediation. Thus ensuring your visitor's experience is seamless from the moment they step through your doors.

A range of scents to leverage your brand

Scent Choices

  • Floral
  • Citrus
  • Fruity sensations
  • Naturescapes
  • Fresh and clean

The right scent can set you apart from the competition, create an inspiring ambience and increase engagement with your brand.

We will work with you to select the fragrance notes that matches your needs. Scent selection is not primarily about likes or dislikes, but what best reflects your brand identity, your objectives and the customer experience that you wish to create.

The high performance odour-neutralising air care system

GENIE is the premium air scenting product with customised fragrances for your business. It is specifically designed for larger, high traffic commercial washrooms and other interior spaces with scenting needs or awkward malodour problems. Smell is still ranked as the number one priority for people in washrooms.

Tailor your space and ensure a fresh, clean and hygienic environment with GENIE’s unique dispersal technology and it’s specially designed odour neutralising fragrances. See how it can uplift your business.

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GENIE AirQ technology enables fragrance to evenly disperse across the room with coverage up to 15,000 ft³/ 425m³ of highly effective fragrance odour neutralization technology which improves air quality and reinforces the perception of a sanitary environment by conveying a clean, fresh, healthy and hygienic feel:

Traditional washroom automatic spray devices have uneven distribution of fragrance which is always strongest at the source point. The GENIE AirQ technology enables fragrance to evenly disperse across the room with coverage up to 425m³.