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Telephone hygiene

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Telephone hygiene

Initial Workplace Hygiene understands that our telephone hygiene solution is vital to help keeping your workplace hygienic and pleasant with increasing productivity but minimal absenteeism.

Scientific research* has proven that there can be up to 400 times more bacteria on the average office workstation than a toilet seat and 60% of time off work illnesses are contracted from dirty office equipment. Increasingly, office equipment becomes contaminated by practices such as employees eating lunch at their desks, hot desking and poor personal hygiene. An unclean workplace gives a poor impression, creates a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, affects staff morale and undermines operational effectiveness.

As the Hong Kong's leading specialist workplace hygiene industry expertise, we provide professional workplace sanitization service that ensure our customers’ computers, telephones and other office equipment are sanitized, dust-free and hygienic. 
Our specialized workplace hygiene services professionally remove the buildup of grime and germs across the workplace to not only ensure all telephone and computers keep hygienic and prevent them from malfunction, but also to help you effectively save the indirect costs from short term employee absence due to common minor illness such as colds, flu and diarrhea. 

*Source: ‘Germs in the Workplace’ study by the University of Arizona 2002