Toilet & cubicle hygiene

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Toilet & urinal sanitiser

Our toilet and urinal sanitisers will help you create a fresh smelling washroom environment. 

The system injects a measured dose of sanitising fluid into the flush water to fight bacteria and limescale build-up – a classic cause of bad odours and unsightly stains. 

The sanitiser can be activated with each flush or on a timer, so you can choose the level of protection you need. 

We’ll also refill and maintain your sanitisers, providing a service that’s completely hassle-free.

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Work smarter, choose easy servicing

Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing we maintain your toilets and urinals units hassle-free.

  • Installation, maintenance and delivery schedule flexible to suit your tailored needs. 
  • Servicing includes refills, cleaning and unit maintainence.
  • Schedule is based on thorough in-person survey of your needs.

Sanitiser fluid

Our sanitising fluid keeps sanitary ware and the surrounding washroom clean and fresh – flush after flush.

  • Reduces bacteria sprayed during flushing.
  • Coats surfaces to help inhibit the build-up of limescale and bacteria.
  • Tackles one of the most common causes of bad smell within the washroom.
  • Formulated specifically for urinals and toilets.

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