Washroom hygiene treatment

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Washroom hygiene treatment

Hygiene is always the greatest challenge in washroom environment. The washroom is a relatively damp area, with a large number of harmful bacteria breed and multiply in this place everyday. Many people only consider that the a washroom with odor will make them feel uncomfortable.

However, we are not aware that this smell is a kind of toxic gas mixed with ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, methane and carbon dioxide. Mites, mold and other disease-causing bacteria can easily live in washroom on the surface of flush buttons, door handles, walls, floors and ceiling.

Benefits of washroom hygiene treatment

  • On-site visit with tailor made hygiene solution for washroom

  • Effective hygiene method with professional chemical soluton

  • Cost savings on washroom maintenance, which effectively extends life of washroom sanitary facilities

Our washroom hygiene treatment

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