Washroom hygiene treatment

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Washroom intensive hygiene treatment

Washroom intensive hygiene treatment helps you to create a more hygienic washroom environment. Using a high temperature and high pressure stream solution, we provide hygiene service on areas not limit to floors, doors, but also inlcude sanitary wares. Dirt, rust can be removed, and those parts which are difficult to completely remove by genernal cleaning service. Washroom intensive hygiene treatment with high-heat steam sterilization can also kill effectively batceria, mites and pathogens which are attached to washroom fixtures. 

Benefits of Washroom Intensive Hygiene Treatment

  • Value-added services for other general cleaning services
  • Professional mold treatment, decrease the growth rate with specialized solution
  • High-temperature sterilization with long-lasting antimicrobial protection
  • Effective and immediate visible results
  • Operate by experienced service technician to prove safe and effective
  • Enhances the overall hygiene standard of washroom

The leading specialist hygiene solutions

Established since 1980s, Initial Specialist Hygiene Solution is one of the various business arms under the Rentokil Initial group.

A complete and integrated range of washroom hygiene management solutions, we provide professional service lines such as washroom hygiene service and intensive hygiene treatment.

In addition, we also assured to receive support by a experinced team of dedicated specialists with leading innovations designed for drainage and odor problems.