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How good hygiene impacts hospitality and hotels

As organisations prepare to re-open after periods of lockdown, it’s an opportune time to consider the hygiene practices in your hospitality business.

Now more than ever, customers are increasingly informed, conscious and vocal about their hygiene expectations and the effects of poor hygiene on health. This awareness, combined with the availability of online travel reviews and increasing number of rating sites, means hygiene standards have a significant impact on the hospitality industry.

The transient nature of hotel guests and their close interaction with staff and surfaces means germs can circulate quickly and give rise to viral infections. Maintaining the highest hygiene standards across large and varied hotel premises can be challenging, particularly in shared areas such as lobbies and gym and spa facilities. 

Good hygiene practice is vital

As the world-leading hygiene experts, Initial helps hospitality establishments minimise the risk of infections being passed on via surfaces, hands and air. Our integrated hygiene solutions and our educational materials for staff facilitate high levels of hygiene to be maintained and reduce risks for staff and customers.

Our industry-leading solutions are backed by data and scientific evidence. We provide innovations such as intelligent no-touch dispensers, industry-leading consumables and highly effective air hygiene solutions that can help protect the health and safety of your customers and staff.

We’re here to support your business

Our mission is to protect our customers from the risks of poor hygiene in these extraordinary times. Our experts deliver an ongoing service that’s both reliable and hassle-free, leaving you to focus on the operations of your business, secure in the knowledge that your staff, visitors and customers are safe.

The Initial service promise

Everyday, local teams of Initial service technicians deliver efficient, discreet hygiene services to commercial customers in over 50 countries worldwide. With flexible serviced contracts tailored specifically to your business needs, Initial takes pride in delivering the highest levels of service, innovative solutions and professional customer care.

We will install and maintain your hygiene solutions, manage consumables and sanitary waste whilst ensuring compliance with all local legislation and environmental regulations.

1. On-site hygiene survey

We carry out a survey of your business premises, discuss your concerns and make recommendations specific to your needs.

  • Local, expert hygiene surveyors
  • Calls returned within 24 hours (Mon-Fri)
  • Appointment at a time of your convenience

2. Tailored hygiene solutions

We work with you to develop a hygiene program bespoke to your business needs.

  • Award winning hygiene products
  • Quick, discreet installation with minimal disruption to your business
  • In compliance with all hygiene and environmental regulations

3. Professional service

Our local team of service technicians will attend scheduled visits for ongoing maintenance.

  • Quality assurance that your hygiene solutions are in good order
  • 48 hour issue resolution
  • Proof of service made available online
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Ensuring high levels of hygiene in Hotels

When hygiene is managed well, it’s often not in the spotlight, but quickly becomes a focal point when managed poorly. Good hygiene is vital to create environments where guests feel rested and reassured. It also influences how your brand is perceived long after checkout. 

Clean and hygienic facilities, communal areas and washrooms play a key role in turning an average stay into a great one, and are some of the most important factors when recommending a hotel to friends and colleagues.



- Ensure a regular cleaning routine with a focus on high-footfall areas as hygiene is one of the most important factors when recommending a hotel.

- Hand sanitisers provided at key locations.

- Quality floor care  stops dirt and water from entering the building. It can enhance your brand image and helps demonstrate an added level of consideration and care to your guests.


- Ensure adequate facilities are in place for the washing and drying of hands and sanitary waste disposal

- No-touch solutions help minimise contact and reduce the transmission of germs. 

- Provide toilet seat cleaners to limit the number of germs spread from the ‘sneeze effect’. 

- Install air fresheners or air purifiers to maintain a pleasant smelling washroom.

Guest Bedrooms

- Ensure the cleaning staff are aware of the risks of cross-contamination. Gloves used when cleaning the toilet should be thrown away and replaced before contact with any other surface or object. 

- High usage items such as remote controls, light switches, drinking glasses and headboards should be cleaned thoroughly to limit the spread of bacteria.

Spa and leisure facilities

- Ensure adequate hand washing and drying facilities are provided in the changing areas, with well stocked soap, paper or linen towels and waste bins. No-touch solutions will help reduce the risk of germs spreading. 

- Hand and surface sanitisers provided at key locations will help minimise the risk of cross-contamination amongst hotel amenity users. 

- Bad odours give the perception of an unclean environment, scenting solutions can help counteract malodours.

Entire hotel complex

- Provision of hand and surface sanitisers will help protect guests within this environment.

- Key surfaces which should be sanitised include: communal desks, remote controls, door handles and telephones.

- Air care solutions across your entire facility are vital to help avoid the spread of germs. Our air purification solutions filter harmful airborne particles and micro- organisms, delivering a healthier indoor environment.

Kitchens and dining areas

- Train staff on correct handwashing procedures and glove usage policies to minimise the spread of germs from hands to food and surfaces. 

- Ensure adequate handwashing facilities are provided; well-stocked soap, paper or linen towels and waste bins. No-touch solutions will help reduce the risk of germs spreading. 

- Disinfect work surfaces regularly to ensure cross-contamination is reduced. 

- Handwash monitoring solutions can increase handwashing compliance and ensure your staff are washing their hands according to the relevant protocols.

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