World Toilet Day

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For many having access to a clean working toilet may be taken for granted, but according to the World Health Organisation/UNCIEF, 2.4 billion people live without improved sanitation, with 1 in 10 having no option but to defecate in the open. The impact of poor sanitation and hygiene practices means disease and illness are easily spread.

19 November 2016 is World Toilet Day an opportunity to raise awareness of those who do not have access to a toilet and help tackle the global sanitation crisis. This years’ theme, "Toilets and jobs", focuses on how sanitation can impact livelihoods and the overall economy.

Habits of office hygiene

Initial undertook a survey of 5000 office workers to understand their habits and experiences. The study found that 49% of office workers have been shocked by the state of their office washroom and a quarter (24%) have been so shocked they left without using the facilities. The results show that many workers take their facilities for granted, with waste bad smells and dirty unhygienic facilities all too common.

Global community support

Many preventable illnesses occur due to the lack of hygiene education. Rentokil Initial’s community health initiative focuses on providing both personal and environmental health education to communities in mostly developing countries.



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