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Empowering you to see change in hand hygiene standards

It is widely known that good hand hygiene prevents the spread of bacteria and viruses; however, businesses still find it difficult to maintain hand washing compliance, especially in sectors where companies are required to demonstrate, through audits, high hygiene standards.

How do businesses eliminate the risk of observational biases, i.e. the tendency to perform differently when being watched, but at the same time monitor hand hygiene compliance levels unobtrusively?

HygieneConnect: For measurably better hand hygiene compliance

Initial’s HygieneConnect is a wireless solution that helps businesses maintain high hand hygiene standards through its ability to continuously monitor on-site hand wash compliance. The solution helps businesses maintain their hygiene standards through its ability to continuously monitor on-site handwashing compliance, thereby ensuring safer environments, sustainable profitability and the long term safeguarding of business reputation.


How HygieneConnect works

Wireless sensors are placed at the entrance of a critical control area or washroom and beneath soap dispensers, anonymously monitoring the number of people entering the area and the number of people who use soap to wash their hands.

Using data collected through the sensors, the solution calculates the hand wash compliance percentage with the use of a powerful algorithm mirroring human behaviour and sends the calculated statistics, in real-time, to the cloud every 15 minutes such that the data can be viewed on myInitial – a comprehensive customer portal, for result analysis and custom report generation to support internal and external audits.

The handwash compliance percentage is also displayed on the Hygiene Display Monitor to help nudge users into subconsciously correcting their hand hygiene behaviours.


Minimising risk through HygieneConnect

HygieneConnect helps you reduce the risk of cross-contamination through our Monitor, Alert, Respond, Report and Optimise service cycle.

Real-time monitoring

HygieneConnect is an ecosystem of connected devices designed to help you improve hand hygiene standards. The technology monitors hand hygiene compliance anonymously, in real-time, and sends data every 15 minutes through an integrated 3G SIM card. The system works independently and does not cause disruption to your business’ network connection or machinery.

Unlike human observation, HygieneConnect is able to monitor hand washing behaviours continuously without interrupting your day-to-day operations. The solution enables users to see the most up-to-date hand wash compliance percentages of a specified area, 24 hours a day - 365 days a year.

Awareness at a point of need

The HygieneConnect solution and its visual display monitor influences behavioural change, enabling individuals to take more responsibility for their own hand wash actions under the heightened awareness of observation. Studies have shown that it motivates employees and nudges them to wash their hands properly.

Motivating your employees

Proven to reduce non-compliance by at least half, the motivating force behind HygieneConnect is to reduce the risk of cross-contamination and deliver higher hygiene standards for your business. Real-time hand hygiene compliance is made available via a display monitor where individuals that wash their hands can immediately respond to the compliance percentage indicated on the display monitor.

Not only is the hand wash compliance percentage available on the hygiene display monitor, but it can also be viewed on an online reporting tool where hand wash statistics can be customised to specific business needs.

Empowering you to take control

HygieneConnect is supplemented with login access to a comprehensive online reporting tool that can be viewed on multiple devices including desktop, tablet, and smartphone. The data insights are customisable to business needs and are an objective reflection of hand hygiene compliance.

Valuable for audits, the information fromHygieneConnect can be utilised by both companies and auditors to review and include in auditing decisions as it provides direct and accurate insight into hand hygiene compliance within your company, enabling you to better meet hygiene requirements within your industry

Frequently asked questions

  • I’ve never heard of this technology before – why should I sign up?

    HygieneConnect enables you to further manage and reduce cross-contamination risk through positively influencing employees and visitors to wash their hands.

    Proven to reduce non-compliance, HygieneConnect works as a hand hygiene driver, provides reliable and objective data insights to support hygiene audits by monitoring hand hygiene compliance unobtrusively.


  • What are the benefits?

    HygieneConnect comes with a range of benefits:

    • Continuous, precise and objective measurement of hand hygiene in your company.
    • Combines data with insight to highlight the importance of hand hygiene and drive positive compliance rates, thereby demonstrating to auditors your commitment towards hygiene standards.
    • Proven to reduce non-compliant handwashing by at least half  and is compatible with the majority of soap dispensers currently on the market.  
    • Hygiene monitoring encourages behavioural change whilst maintaining anonymity of staff members.

  • How do I know if HygieneConnect is suitable for my business?

    Our experts have an in-depth understanding of your industry’s challenges and hygiene requirements. In order to ensure we provide the right handwashing compliance data, a survey of your premises will be carried out to understand the suitability of the HygieneConnect solution.

    The survey captures the hand hygiene compliance challenges specific to your business and identifies areas on your premises where handwashing is of critical importance. By conducting this survey, we can ensure that the HygieneConnect sensors are installed in the right locations for valuable hand hygiene data and insights to support compliance in your operations.


  • How long does installation take, will it disrupt my business or damage the walls?

    The average installation process takes 2 - 3 hours, with minimal disruption to your business. The installation of the HygieneConnect system will not impact your walls. Panels are mounted using strong adhesive stickers.


  • Does the system encroach on my employees’ privacy?

    The information recorded by HygieneConnect does not report on the hygiene behaviours of a single individual, nor is it traceable to specific persons. HygieneConnect reports on the average hand wash compliance of an entire group in a specific hand wash zone.



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