Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the HygieneConnect?

    The Initial HygieneConnect monitoring system is powered by an automated algorithm mirroring human observation. Hand hygiene compliance is measured by footfall versus soap usage at pre-determined locations where you would like to monitor hand hygiene. Initial's technology delivers up to 99.7% accuracy, transparency of real-time use and hand wash compliance data whilst saving on time, money and resources conventionally spent on quality reassurance teams or maintenance cleaners.

  • I’ve never heard of this technology before – why should I sign up?

    HygieneConnect enables you to further manage and reduce cross-contamination risk through positively influencing employees and visitors to wash their hands. Proven to reduce non-compliance, HygieneConnect works as a hand hygiene driver and provides reliable and objective data insights that can support you in your hygiene audits. HygieneConnect saves you time through monitoring hand wash compliance for you, so you can focus on other important matters.

    By installing HygieneConnect, you will be one of the first few companies with this innovative technology – shaping the future of hand wash compliance within your sector.

  • Is the solution reliable?

    HygieneConnect employs tried and tested connected technology to enable you to monitor hand wash compliance for compliance and efficiency. You will be one of the first companies in the industry with this innovative solution if you sign up to the partner program - shaping the future of hand hygiene in food and facility management sectors.

  • What are the benefits?

    The benefits of HygieneConnect include:

    - Continuous, precise and objective measurement of hand hygiene in your company

    - Combines data with insight to highlight the importance of hand hygiene and drive positive compliance rates

    - Proven to reduce non-compliant hand washing by at least half

    - Hygiene monitoring encourages behavioural change whilst maintaining anonymity of staff members

    - Demonstrates to auditors your companiescommitment towards hygiene standards

  • I do not have Initial soap dispensers, does this matter?

    HygieneConnect is compatible with the majority of soap dispensers that are currently on the market. Nevertheless, our Sales and Operations team will assess the compatibility of the HygieneConnect sensors with your current soap dispensers, before confirming a full installation of the try-before-you-buy package.

  • How do I know if HygieneConnect is suitable for my business?

    Our Sales and Operations teams have been trained to gain in-depth understanding of your industry’s challenges and hygiene requirements. In order to make sure that we provide the right hand wash compliance data insights, a survey of your site will be carried out prior to the installation of the HygieneConnect solution.

    The survey captures your business’ hand wash compliance challenges and areas where hand washing is of critical importance. By conducting this survey, we can ensure that the HygieneConnect system sensors are installed at the right locations; providing our customers with valuable data insights about their critical hand wash zones.

  • How long does installation take, will it disrupt my business?

    The average installation process takes 2 - 3 hours, with minimal disruption to your business.

  • Will the installation of HygieneConnect damage or impact my walls?

    No. The installation of HygieneConnect will not impact your walls. We use strong adhesive stickers to mount the system onto your wall.

  • Will HygieneConnect impact my business internet connection?

    No, the solution will not use or affect your companies’ internet connection.

    HygieneConnect sends data wirelessly through a 3G connection that is formed by an integrated SIM card, ensuring that the solution works independently and without disruption to your business’ internet connection or hardware/machinery.

  • Does the system encroach on my employees’ privacy?

    The information recorded by HygieneConnect does not report on the hygiene behaviours of a single individual, nor is it traceable to specific persons. HygieneConnect reports on the average hand wash compliance of an entire group in a specific hand wash zone.

  • Who do I contact for more information?



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