Innovations in Hygiene

As the fear of COVID-19 persists across the world, maintaining hygiene has become all the more important than before. Thus so, WHO has been time and again focusing on introducing new and enhanced hygiene measures. Accordingly, organisations are now planning to resume their operations, but they need to ensure that a high level of hygiene standards must be taken care of at all times. Particularly, in this hour of need, organisations must put their plan in action and focus on introducing new and better measures to ensure adequate levels of hygiene.  


From an early age, everyone is taught that maintaining hygiene is a good habit. And during these critical times, the quick transmission of COVID-19 has made health a top priority for everyone. Moreover, good hygiene not only keeps you clean and dirt-free but also ensures the safety of the surrounding people. Maintaining cleanliness at workplaces is essential since it largely contributes to a healthy workforce.

Without proper hygiene, millions of people and children can get affected. As per a study conducted in the year 2016, poor hand hygiene was responsible for around 8,29,000 deaths arising from diarrheal disease. Even more so, various findings have concluded that maintaining good handwashing habits leads to a reduction in the risk of significant diseases, including diarrhoea (47%) and respiratory infections (34%). 

Let's look at some important benefits of good hygiene: 

A. Prevention of Diseases - The most significant benefit of hygiene helps in the prevention of diseases. Hence, it is advisable to wash your hands regularly to keep viruses and other infections at bay. 

B. Social Acceptance - Nobody likes to be talked negatively behind their back. A hygienic person is said to be socially acceptable. It makes the person feel more confident. 

C. Safe Health - When you maintain proper hygiene, you also ensure the safety of your health.


organisations that are planning to enter the reopening phase will be required to shift their focus towards creating an effective hygiene policy. A comprehensive hygiene policy would encompass measures that include safe water, sanitation, and wash services. Having a robust hygiene infrastructure will serve as a barrier to the transmission of the COVID-19 virus. Strict hygiene policies and standards implementation are what need to be the prime focus of businesses entering the reopening phase.

As per the findings by WHO and UNICEF, there are approximately 2.1 billion people that lack access to safe water facilities, and approximately 4.4 billion people lack access to proper sanitation services. Poor hygiene infrastructure, in turn, leads to increased exposure to numerous diseases and further in the deterioration of their health. 

Frequent washing of hands is the most crucial step to ensure the prevention of coronavirus. Improved facilities should be implemented to make sure that regular and frequent hand hygiene is maintained at all times by employees. 

Hand Hygiene is arguably our most important life skill. So teach it well and teach it often.” - Michael J Blackburn, CEO

To respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, organisations should prepare a Workplace Hygiene plan that takes into account the four essential components:

Personal Hygiene Care 
Work Area Hygiene 
Clean Restrooms 
Hygienic Kitchens 


Initial Hygiene India is one of the trusted global hygiene services providers in India. It has a top-notch and dedicated workforce that strives continuously to meet your hygiene needs at the workplace.


Keeping the rising importance of hygiene at workplaces in mind, a lot of new and enhanced sanitation innovations have been invented by Initial India. These innovations will surely help your organization in creating a safe and hygienic environment. 

Some of the latest innovations by Initial Hygiene India are as follows: 

  • Sanitise Mat -The Sanitise Mat provides a clean and high-performing foot bath system, which helps to sanitise the soles of your shoes before you enter any premise, thus preventing the spread of germs. 
  • Door Handle & Push Plate - The unique door handle by Initial Hygiene India comes equipped with silver-ion antibacterial coating technology. The main benefit of this technology is to fight off various harmful pathogens that may appear on its surface. The technology seems to work on a 24/7 basis. With its integrated ions, the innovation helps eliminate different microbes so that they do not get transmitted any further. 
  • Antimicrobial Film - The film acts as a protective shield against different kinds of viruses and infections. The most common one being Bovine coronavirus. Typical areas of application include keypads, handles, shopping carts, and more, as people tend to touch these surfaces the most. Also, to ensure thorough efficacy, various rounds of tests have been conducted in this regard, too.
  • Protecting the Air - Initial Hygiene India provides air protection through its InspireAir 72 technology. The technology is said to be efficient in improving the quality of air, thereby leading to a better, cleaner, safer, and healthier environment. It is equipped with a Hepa filter that helps eliminate deadly bacteria. 

Hygiene is a broad concept, and it requires the right amount of knowledge for its effective implementation. With our economy slowly and steadily entering the unlock phase, organisations must think about the safety of their employees before anything else. The world is impacted adversely due to this pandemic crisis. And thus, by implementing Initial Hygiene India’s useful and practical hygiene solutions, organisations can be assured about the safety of their office premises as well as their employees. 


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