COVID 19: Back-To-Work Hygiene

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Covid-19: Back-To-Work Hygiene Program

Are you prepared to get Back to work?

As businesses have partially opened up their premises for their employees to return to work. It is essential to elevate your employees, customers, and guest's protection with specialised hygiene solutions.

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Beware of the Germ Hotspots in the Business.

Increased human traffic means more risk of disease transmission. As you plan to return to work, it is important to be aware of the key risk areas in which harmful microbes can easily spread.


Our Back-to-Work Hygiene Solutions

Rentokil Initial India possesses expert knowledge of the lifestyle, habits and vulnerabilities on how viruses and bacteria can affect your business. We offer a wide range of services of Hygiene solutions to ensure potentially harmful and hazardous situations are dealt with in a safe and legally-compliant manner.

We offer complete hand hygiene, Feminine Hygiene and Washroom Cubicle Hygiene solutions for back-to-work.

Hand Hygiene - Complete solution for your hands.

Protect your hands from the deadly viruses and bacteria with our four-step hygiene solution for your hands - Hand Washing, Hand Drying, Hand Sanitizing and HygenicTouch.

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Washroom Cubicle Hygiene

Are your Toilet hygiene practices disease-proof? Get the Complete Washroom Cubicle Hygiene solution now.

Giving your employees/customers hygiene reassurance throughout your facility is key to creating a pleasant environment, and this extends right through to the toilets and urinals in your washrooms. Initial offers a range of solutions to keep the urinals and toilet looking fresh and clean throughout the day.


Feminine Hygiene Solutions

Initial can help to protect and enhance the lives of your women employees. Initial offers a wide range of Feminine Hygiene Services to give women complete protection - toilet seat sanitisers, sanitary vending machines and sanitary disposal bins.

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Surface Hygiene Solution

Protect Your Surfaces with Initial’s Antimicrobial Film against Bovine Coronavirus and other Bacteria.

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Surface hygiene solutions

Disinfection Services by Rentokil PCI

In complement to good personal hygiene and air hygiene, surface and ariel disinfection also plays a critical role in reducing the transmission risk of viruses and bacteria. Rentokil PCI’s Disinfection Treatment involves the application of a solution, in the form of mist, to areas of your property. This treatment effectively removes 99.99% of viruses and bacteria to protect your employees, customers and family against diseases including the coronaviruses and pest-borne diseases.

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