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Hand Dryer: The Best Method To Dry Your Hands


We have been told time and again about the importance of maintaining good hand hygiene. And for centuries, hand washing has been the most effective way to protect your hands from germs. Considering the post-pandemic situation, we cannot underestimate the importance of hand washing. For effective hand hygiene, hand washing and hand drying play a crucial role. 

While washing hands is a well-known fact, many may not know this, but germs also spread fast when your hands are wet. Here is where the importance of hand drying cannot be overlooked and is crucial to ensure your hands do not become a breeding ground for germs. 

Hygiene Benefits 

Hand hygiene is the process of killing microorganisms on the hand. If done in a proper manner, it is the most effective way to say goodbye to frequent illnesses.  

We tend to ignore things, especially when it comes to hand hygiene. But few people realize that keeping our hands clean is a definite method to avoid getting sick, reducing absenteeism, and transmitting germs to others. 

 It is crucial to note that washed hands are always clean. As a result, It should be given equal consideration. 


Hand dryer machine

Significance Of Hand Drying 

Drying hands is always given less priority than washing hands. Hands dried after washing reduces the risk of cross-contamination. You have to ensure that every part of your hand, from your fingertips to your wrist, is dried completely. 

Always choose a paper towel, cloth towel, or air dryer to dry your hands, and do not leave your hands to air dry. Moreover, if your hands are shaken dry, there are chances that some bacteria might persist.  

The Best Hand Drying Solution 

There are several different ways to dry your hands. And finding the best one is a real topic for debate. Whatever method you choose to dry your hands, you must ensure that the whole of your hand, including between the fingers and under the nails, is dry. 

Research and studies highlight that if you dry with a cotton towel roll is effective compared to air dryers. It is said that after 10 seconds of drying with a single-serve cloth towel, the residual water on the hands was reduced to 4%. 

Air hand dryers are typically air blower systems especially used in washrooms. There are two different types of air hand dryers: Warm air dryers and jet air dryers. 

Air dryers might operate with a button or automatically through an infrared sensor.  

So which is the superior method of hand drying? While some studies say paper towels and cloth towels are effective, others claim that hand drying with a minimum of 40 seconds is more effective and delivers a better experience. 

Every hand dryer has a different method to dry hands. There are manual hand dryers as well as sensor-based dryers. Especially since COVID, many companies now rely on sensor-based hand dryers.


Hand Dryer Machines

Hand dryer machines are popularly seen in public washrooms, including malls, restaurants, and grocery shopping areas. Today’s modern-day hand dryers require minimum maintenance and cleaning and deliver super fast results. 

These machines help eliminate up to 99% of germs caused by the dirt and mess of paper towels. Generally, two types of hand dryer machines are commonly seen - Under hand dryers & Hand in Hand dryers. 

Both of these work on a similar mechanism, but the process of drying hands slightly varies. While hand dryers (They ) are common, hand in hand dryers are a new entrant gaining popularity. 


  1. Under Hand Dryers 

The under-hand dryers (They) are actively seen in malls, grocery supermarkets, and public washrooms. In this case, the user has to put their hands parallel toward the machine where the sensor is positioned. 

Here there is no need to rub your hands for drying. All you need to do is just move your hand up and down. 

  1. Hand In Hand Dryers 

Hand in hand dryers(They) are equipped with an innovative sensor monitoring mechanism that dries the hand from each side without even moving your hands. Some of its pro points are that it is highly user-friendly, compact, and efficient. 



Initial Hygiene India Hand Dryers 

Initial  Hygiene India, a trusted hygiene solution provider globally, offers a wide range of the best and most effective hand-drying solutions. It operates in more than 75 countries.

Initial  Hygiene India’s high-performance hand dryers will suit different business requirements. In addition, these are fast and efficient solutions to dry your hands. 

  1. Jet Hand Dryer 

It is a cost-effective hand dryer from Initial India. The best part is that it dries up your hands as fast as nine seconds. It requires low power for consumption and is low on maintenance too. The compact design and antibacterial surface are other valuable features of this hand dryer. 

  1. GSQ 90 

GSQ 90 is a water and splash proof dryer, thanks to the IP22 technique. It has a blowing power of 140m3/h and operates in the least possible sound of 75 dba. It is one of the most durable and stylish-looking hand dryers available in the market today. This model draws a power of 900 watts. 

  1. GSQ250A

Quite similar to GSQ 90, this hand dryer model is waterproof and has a low noise of about 80 dba. One of the outstanding features of this hand dryer is that it offers a blowing power of 270 m3/h and 30 m/s of airspeed. Additionally, it draws a power of 2500 watts. 

  1. GSX1800

It is one of the latest additions by Initial India. Sporting a stylish design, this hand dryer is an excellent pick if you are looking for a durable and economical option. It delivers excellent blowing power and operates at the lowest sound possible. The power consumption of this model is 2500 watts. 


Especially when it comes to keeping the health crisis at bay, hand washing leaves behind a long-lasting impact. Although the degree of moisture on the hands promotes the survival and transfer of bacteria, other factors also influence the hygiene efficacy of a hand-drying procedure.

Hand drying's hygienic efficacy involves drying efficiency, effective bacteria elimination, and the prevention of cross-contamination. It is crucial to understand that drying hands is inseparable from hand washing. 

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