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Importance Of Workplace Hygiene


Hygiene plays a crucial role, no matter wherever we are. Since we spend the majority of our time at our workplace, maintaining proper personal hygiene becomes critical. In simple terms, hygiene is a means to keep oneself and the surroundings around one clean and neat. It is essential to ensure that there is no spread of infections and diseases. 

Not just the employees but the organization too has an equal role to play in ensuring good hygiene at the workplace. A core aspect of how organizations can ensure hygiene at the workplace is by enforcing a solid workplace hygiene policy. For long-term hygiene maintenance at the workplace, both the employees and organizations must work towards it. 


Basic Hygiene At Workplace 

Workplace hygiene includes different areas in any organization. From work desks to restrooms to washrooms, every part of the organization must be well maintained. Basic hygiene can be further classified into the following areas: 

Restroom Hygiene 

The restroom is one such area that is most frequently visited by all the employees. Hence, hygiene in this area holds prime importance. For effective hygiene in the washroom, it is essential to ensure the adequate presence of hand soap, toilet paper, hand wash, tissue papers, hand drying towels, or machines. 

Many organizations also consider hiring an external agency for cleaning purposes. An effective workplace hygiene policy must specify the frequency of cleaning the washrooms. 

Kitchen Hygiene 

Every office is sure to have a kitchen pantry. Since the kitchen is an area where food is prepared it is vital to observe good hygiene practices here. Regular washing and cleaning of utensils must be ensured throughout the day. 

Organizations should also provide employees with the opportunity to voice their opinion, in case they are not happy with the kind of hygiene maintained in the kitchen. 

Personal Hygiene 

Personal hygiene is concerned with the appearance and habits of the employees. To avoid the spread of illnesses, germs, and bacteria, it is important that employees regularly wash their hands and frequently make use of hand sanitizers. 

Since personal hygiene is a sensitive topic, business owners should put forth their official policy so that employees can understand the situation better. 

Air Hygiene 

The hygiene of surrounding air in the organization also needs to be cleaned. Oftentimes, when you flush the toilet with the lid open, there is a high chance that the germs might spread fast. It is said that indoor air tends to carry more pollutants, dust, and dirt than the air outside. 

Proper ventilation in the indoor environment is critical to clear any harmful pollutants if present. One of the best ways to ensure clean indoor air is by installing a good-quality air purifier. 

General Areas 

Many times, the general areas are neglected in any organization. A few tips to ensure the cleanliness of any general area include: 

  • Sanitising door knobs 
  • Dusting and sweeping floors 
  • Cleaning windows 
  • Scrubbing baseboards 
Washroom hygiene

Importance Of Personal Hygiene At Workplace 

Personal hygiene relates to cleanliness, appearance, and regular habits of employees. Organizations must make employees aware of how important it is to maintain personal hygiene. Employees who pay close attention to personal hygiene will eventually prevent the spread of germs and diseases and reduce exposure to chemicals and other contaminants. 

The basic idea of personal hygiene revolves around cleaning, grooming, and taking care of our bodies. Employees should also ensure regular washing of their hands throughout the day. Here are a few tips on how employees can work on improving personal hygiene at the workplace : 

Clean Work Desks: Employees should regularly maintain a clean work desk. It should be done to make sure that there is no dust accumulated and will help prevent the spread of infections. 

Sanitising Regularly: It is always a good habit if employees sanitise their hands at least once a day. It will help keep all the germs and infections at bay. 

Keeping A Tissue Box Nearby: Lastly, employees should always place a box of tissues on the work desk in case they need them to cover their faces while sneezing or cleaning. 

Effective Tips To Implement Cleanliness At Workplace 

To improve overall hygiene in the workplace, there are a few tips that must be implemented. It is crucial to ensure tidiness at the workplace as it will lead to better productivity. A good environment gives employees the comfort to work in peace. 

Hygiene Policy 

The first step towards a clean organization is a well-established hygiene policy. It will help communicate with the employees about the expectations and intentions of a tidy office. 

Getting Rid Of Daily Trash 

The second most crucial aspect to consider is that the trash must be taken out daily at the end of the day. Trash, if left untreated, is sure to become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. In addition, it will release an unpleasant odor making it difficult for employees to work in the organization. 

Tidy Work Desks

Employees should ensure that their work desk is organized and has minimum clutter. Things if kept properly organized will save time and give an overall tidy look. 

Availability Of Sanitizers & Tissues 

Every work desk must have a good-quality sanitizer and tissue box in place. These should be available to employees in the office with easy accessibility. 

Employee Hygiene 

Apart from hygiene rules and practices deployed by the organization, hygiene also begins at the personal level of employees. Every employee must be responsible to ensure that their work desks are clean. It will help create a positive work environment for others.


For a successful workplace hygiene practice, the organization and the employee are responsible. The norms and policies of any organization must include cleanliness and personal hygiene. 

Good hygiene practice at the workplace goes a long way in building a good reputation for any business. Every part of the organization, including the restroom, washroom, and kitchen must be cleaned, at regular intervals to stop the spread of harmful germs and bacteria. Maintaining a good workplace environment is crucial both from a regulatory and a hygiene and safety point of view. 


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