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Improving Hygiene Standards Can Increase Workplace Efficiency


Hygiene is an aspect that is crucial everywhere. Be it home, school, college, or any workplace. Maintenance of hygiene around us helps save us from bacteria and other infections. When we talk about workplace hygiene, employees and employers are responsible for the same. The requirement of hygiene for every organization will be different. 

Hygiene in any workplace must be duly given importance. As many organizations and brands only take notice of hygiene when things get out of hand.With the recent spread of diseases, improving hygiene standards is a must as it will only lead to increased workplace efficiency and productivity. 

There is a need to set solid hygiene standards in every organization. Not just at the ground level, but these practices should be monitored at the top level also. A huge advantage of a strict hygiene policy will result in less absenteeism, more productivity, and better organization growth. 


Benefits of Workplace Cleanliness

The people who work in any organization form a core part of the work environment. Hence, any organization must ensure the safety and protection of their health. Providing a hygienic workplace will go a long way in retaining employees for the long term. Different aspects of workplace cleanliness include the restroom, kitchen, and personal. 

Hence, it is crucial to understand the relationship between cleanliness and employee wellness. A well-maintained organization offers multiple benefits. Let us see them below : 

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Prevention of Diseases 

We spend the majority of our time in offices, so it is essential to ensure that the environment around us is at its best. It is a necessity to ensure thorough cleanliness of high-touch areas, including doors, knobs, and desks. It will help in keeping illnesses, germs, and bacteria at bay. 

Eliminates Stress 

Dirty and cluttered work desks might result in increased stress and anxiety levels among employees. This, will, in turn, affect the productivity and work of employees. A clean and mess-free organization will keep the workforce motivated and energized. 

Increased satisfaction 

Regular absenteeism of employees tends to decrease morale and affects performance at the workplace. A foul-free and nice-smelling workplace will keep them more focused on their work and less distracted. 

Increased Concentration 

By increased concentration, we mean that if there is less clutter around the employees will be more focused and productive. It will, in turn, improve the turnover of your organization. 

According to the 2017 Healthy Hand Washing survey, 89% at the workpplace believe that a clean workplace restroom indicates how an organization values its employees.

A happy workforce is more productive, whereas an unhappy workforce is less productive. 

Ways To Improve Hygiene Standards

Employees spend major time of their day working in the office. That's why it is essential to ensure top-level tidiness in different areas of the organization. Here are some effective ways to maintain and improve hygiene at the workplace : 

Introducing Hygiene Policy 

A hygiene policy set by the organization must be well communicated to them, and they must be well informed. It is always best to provide your staff with a written hygiene policy. 

Remove Trash Daily 

Accumulation of office trash for a long time will soon become a breeding ground for employees. Hence it is essential to throw the trash daily to avoid the build-up of bacteria and other viruses. Also, the trash left unattended will start releasing unwanted and foul odors. It is best to throw it away either early morning or evening as everyone leaves the workplace. 

Clutter Free Desk 

Every employee has a designated desk that they work on. Keeping each desk organized will impart a clean look and provide quick access to the important stuff. Offices should consider placing gel dispenser trash bins in critical areas of the office. 

Daily Cleaning 

Every employee should take up ownership to clean their workstations or desk daily. This small step on part of the employees will create a huge impact on the growth and development of any organization. Keep encouraging and motivating employees to achieve tidiness daily. 

Clean Utensils

If you have a kitchen in your office to serve employees tea, snacks, or coffee, it must be kept clean too. All the utensils used must be washed thoroughly and with utmost precision. Also, the surface area of the kitchen must be washed and wiped thoroughly, after every use. 

Office Hygiene benefits

Impact On Organizations Productivity

A productive organization is based on how well it takes care of its employees well being. A clean, tidy, and hygienic workplace will provide a more relaxed and comforting environment for employees. If there is too much stress in a workplace, it can lead to increased anxiety levels leading to a lack of motivation. 

Apart from that, employees should also ensure that they regularly wash their hands and sanitize them to prevent the spread of diseases and bacteria.  


A clean and hygienic organization has a direct and positive impact on the well-being, mood, productivity, and satisfaction of employees. Keeping in pace with the hygiene level at the workplace might seem to appear challenging at first. But if adequate efforts are put in, by the organization and employees things will turn out to be positive. 

A safe, secure, clean and productive work environment will give every employee motivation to perform better and better daily. It will lead to a healthier workforce and those who will be less likely to take leaves. Organisations should start from basic hygiene as well as consider incorporating advanced hygiene practices. 

Moreover, the tidiness of your organization will create a strong impression on clients and stakeholders. In addition, it will also help elevate your brand, as consumers will judge any brand based on how the office space looks and feels. 


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