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Reasons why Menstrual hygiene units are important in the workplace

About Menstrual hygiene

Menstrual hygiene is as important as brushing your teeth! With the increase in the women workforce, Menstrual hygiene has become the need of the hour for organisations. 

Menstrual health and hygiene are essential for the well-being and empowerment of women. 

So what is the overall hype about Menstrual hygiene? A successful Menstrual hygiene routine encompasses multiple aspects - access to water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) facilities, affordable and appropriate Menstrual hygiene materials, information on good practices.

Businesses must take all the necessary steps to ensure good hygiene practices at the workplace. And the best way to do so is by installing the right Menstrual hygiene unit. These units are crucial, especially, when it comes to the disposal of menstrual waste. 

Importance of Menstrual hygiene Units 

Proper disposal of sanitary waste has become a fundamental need in every organisation. The first step towards effective Menstrual hygiene at workplaces is getting the appropriate Menstrual hygiene units. While you might think that a Menstrual hygiene unit is just another waste bin, you gotta with a second, hold on and give it a thought.

These are more than a waste bin and do more than storing waste. Compared to traditional disposal methods, a sanitary bin is an effective and convenient way to collect waste. Menstrual hygiene units are designed to assist and resolve women’s struggles during the menstrual cycle. These are excellent when it comes to addressing unhygienic situations in public places for women. 

Workplace sanitary bins will help to ensure proper Menstrual hygiene. Installing a sturdy bin, regardless of the business size, will prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and other filth. So let us understand how installing sanitary bins at workplaces will be helpful : 

  1. Decreases Plumbing Problems 

             If there is an absence of a sanitary bin, chances are that the sanitary napkins and tampons might end up getting disposed of in the toilet. Unlike tissue paper, sanitary waste does not get dispersed in water which leads to build up and blocked pipes. Over a period of time this will further lead to draining blockages and plumbing issues. Hence, installation of sanitary bins in such a scenario will prove to be valuable. 

  1. Reduces Cross Contamination   

            The major benefit of sanitary bins is that it minimises user contact and some bins also come with automatic controls. This in turn eliminates any physical contact and reduces the chances of cross-contamination. 

  1. Safe Work Environment 

         While toilet paper and cleaning soaps are a bare minimum requirement in every washroom, a sanitary bin too is essential while dealing with menstrual waste. The best way to provide users with a high-quality washroom experience is to effectively dispose of menstrual hygiene products.

  1. Aids Menstrual Hygiene Management 

                 For effective menstrual hygiene management, menstrual waste must be properly disposed of at workplaces. Not being able to do so will lead to stigma and taboos surrounding periods and might cause embarrassment,  ultimately leading to lost work time.


Facts About Menstrual hygiene Units 

As per research, untreated sanitary waste is the culprit for a lot of pathogens, germs, and bacteria. Menstrual hygiene is a topic that has been neglected in the past. Many parts of the world neglect and ignore menstrual hygiene. 

Inadequate washroom facilities tend to have a direct effect on employee productivity. In recent years, increased recognition has been given to menstrual hygiene. With the rise in the women's workforce, the need for safe washroom facilities has become a requirement. 

The feminine hygiene unit also aids in effective menstrual hygiene management. Proper disposal of menstrual waste in the bins will further minimise the possibility of spreading germs and other infections.

Benefits of Menstrual hygiene Unit

The disposal of Menstrual hygiene products must be done in a safe, secure, and hygienic way. Menstrual hygiene facilities are a must-have in any workplace. These are ideal for disposing of Menstrual waste such as tampons, pads, nappies, and other continence products. 

Because these products contain various microorganisms derived from bodily fluids, they must be handled with extreme caution. Initial India may provide the correct option for you, if you wish to invest in a high-quality sanitary trash bin. 

Initial India provides excellent Menstrual hygiene units, bringing much-needed peace and confidence. These are the easy-to-use and effective sanitary solutions that must be installed in all workplaces. Initial India offers everything from no-touch sanitary bins to motion-censored sanitary bins. Let us have a look at the various Menstrual hygiene units that Initial India has to offer: 

Signature Menstrual Hygiene Unit 

        Equipped with integral antimicrobial technology, the Signature Menstrual hygiene unit provides convenient waste disposal. Here are some of its key features : 

  • Sports an ergonomic design 
  • Supports three modes of operation - manual, no-touch and pedal. 
  • Space saving design. 
  • It is easy to clean and maintain. 


Menstrual hygiene is, was and will be an important issue that every organisation must take seriously. With proper installation of the right sanitary bins, businesses can provide much needed comfort, convenience and safe disposal mechanisms to all female employees. 







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