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Protecting your business in the ‘new normal’

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Safeguarding your hotel for the future

As more and more countries take measures to recover from the coronavirus pandemic, the welcome return to business for hotels after months of lockdown has presented many challenges. Reassuring staff and guests that their safety is the top priority has been the most demanding. 

There’s still work to do, of course. As the world works out how to live with Covid-19 in the ‘new normal’, Initial’s innovative hygiene solutions can help hotels to prevent further transmission of infectious diseases. In addition, we offer an extensive range of educational material to encourage staff to follow hygienic practices. 

Our latest ebook provides the steps your hotel can take to ensure that your staff and guests are better protected and your business is prepared now and in the future.


Integrated hygiene services

Our integrated hygiene package provides surface and personal hygiene solutions designed to protect colleagues and guests for a better hotel experience. It includes leading-edge, no-touch hand hygiene consumables combined with surface sanitising solutions, air purification and professional disinfection services.

A professional disinfection service helps to maintain high levels of hygiene in your hotel.

No-touch hand hygiene solutions help to minimise the spread of germs.

Air purification improves air quality and reduces the risk of airborne viruses and bacteria.