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Plus mat

High performance mats enhanced with stronger absorption power and better slip resistance.

Tested and proven to have stronger absorption power and better slip resistant, Plus mat provides the perfect balance between dirt pick up and water retention with its tough dirt scrapers and dyed polyamide yarns. 

The high absorbency of our Plus mat ensures that your floors are clean and dry whilst reducing the risks of accidents which could lead to potential loss of business reputation.

Plus mat

  • Alternating rows of nylon and monofilament polyamide fibers to provide stronger dirt and water absorption 
  • Designed with solid nitrile rubber backing to provide better slip resistance 
  • High-performing and durable to withstand regular laundry process 
  • Available in 3 colours and 5 sizes


  • Colour: Red/Black, Black/White, Black/Brown
  • Dimensions: 3' (H) x 5' (W), 4' (H) x 6' (W), 4' (H) x 8' (W), 4' (H) x 12' (W), 4' (H) x 17' (W)

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