Welcome mat

Welcome your visitors and staff with our high water and dirt absorbent floor mats to make better positive first impressions. Not only that, they can protect and save maintenance costs on your flooring too.

Placing a "Welcome" or "Selamat Datang" mat in the lobby entrance helps to build a positive impression with your guests by creating a warm welcoming environment. Our Welcome mat has a high dirt and water absorbency rate to keep dirt and debris from getting into your premise, thus saving your maintenance costs and time. 

Welcome mats are the perfect addition to the main entrance or lobby areas in your offices, restaurants, hotels or shopping malls.

Welcome mat

  • Promotes your brand image while protecting your floors 
  • Ideal for reception areas and throughout you premises 
  • Designed with high nylon twist to provide dirt and water retention to keep your floors clean 
  • Backed with nitrile rubber backing to hold the mats sturdy in place and prevent it from curling
  • Available in 2 colours and 4 sizes


  • Dimensions: 3' (H) x 5' (W)

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